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Destiny is All!

Thanks Pwn, I read the blog when you released it and enjoyed. For most young new beginners it would be great for them to read and understand this sentence.


Gents, I’m really sorry I haven’t replied after all the advise and looking out. It wasn’t to be rude, but we’re moving and I’m heading into some work training so I’ve just been staying off the phone.

@simo74 you’re absolutely right about the point of a program, but I’ve gotten so into habit (like @SkyzykS pointed out) that I’ll just keep doing the same thing even if it doesn’t align with my goals and I’m spinning my wheels. Thanks for pointing out the 20-sided die blog; I went and found it and really liked it. I’ll come back to this.

@T3hPwnisher you are on point it was conditioning killing me. I had to put my nerd spin on it and put it into a choice generator on my phone, but same concept. I knocked out thrusters and burpees (twice, because it came up twice) and hill sprints today. I feel much clearer.

Coming back to the 20-sided die article. I was deciding what to do in the gym, and started doing the “well, I’ve got to hit my hamstrings so I have to do this, but then I don’t know if my rear delts are getting enough work…” until I vomited in my mouth because I was so disgusted with myself. So tonight I will put in just the programs that have made me want to quit in the past, because I liked that concept from another mythical strength blog post, spin it, and see where we land.

@SvenG you’re not late at all, by the way; I appreciate you checking in and confirming the solid advice.


Glad you are getting yourself back on to a routine/ track.

It fall into that rabbit whole of, i want a bro split with a pump, i also need to each muscle twice a week, plus i need to add in rear dealt work, plus i need to build my arms up.

Its too hard to chose a programme these days as i can’t settle on what i actually want to do!

Hope all the move has gone well.

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Did I just read that you’re doing burpees??

Dearie me, what is happening to this place


Exactly! It’s silly to get overwhelmed with something that really doesn’t matter, but it happens.

Thanks man. It’s gone pretty well. We got some Christmas decorations up yesterday before we touched boxes and their elf on the shelf was there before they even saw the place for the first time, so all that helped a ton with normalcy.

Context! When I had exhausted all other options and had no ideas left, burpees became acceptable. Like getting a date in high school.


This is where periodization shines.

I need to build my arms up? Cool: 6 week cycle with focus on arms. Now my legs are lagging? Great: 6 week cycle focus on legs.


If only i was that sensible. I definitely will be doing an arm specialist programme in the new year. You got any recommendations?

I still feel overall i’m too weak but its hard comparing myself to the people on here and some of the people repping 150kg on bench at my gym.

Anyway not my thread so i’ll be quiet now.

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Zero: Never been a goal of mine, haha. There are tons out there to try.

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Please don’t! These are the conversations that are helpful for all of us

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So bare with me here because you have great arms by the way but you in theory you are recommending something you’ve never done.

I’m sorry if that comes across as rude, it’s not meant to. Just curious as to the thinking behind it.

I’ve read from people on here that getting stronger on the main lifts improves arms more than direct arm work but also I’ve read that you need a lot of direct arm work to grow arms.

Mine arnt bad but at 6’3 I’ve got long arms that need lots of filling.

Cheers for any discussions dude.

I’m not recommending something I’ve never done here at all dude. I’m currently using periodization. It’s a BIG part of how I approach training.

I haven’t done an arm specialization program before, no, but that was an example: not a recommendation.


Arrrr I see, cheers.

And thank you for not taking the hump with what I asked. Always appreciate your views on here.


I like the specialization thought process as well. It’s how one “improves” one’s genetics, I think. Like I always have big arms, no matter what, but my chest takes real work. By specializing on chest, I become a gifted specimen.

Life’s a garden man. Dig it.


Gents, thought I should check back in as I’m heeding your advice.

I’ve been doing conjugate-y giant sets in the mornings, because it came up on my digital “die”. It’s one of the Alsruhe things I started and didn’t love. This time I’m not worrying about if I think speed work is stupid; I just do it. I pick my conditioning by the die as well, although it sometimes has to be modified if people are in my way (DB man makers vs BB thrusters, for instance). The purpose stays true.

This was a very helpful reset. I appreciate the advice @T3hPwnisher and for turning me onto the 20-sided die blog post @simo74


Hell yeah dude! Somehow our odds improve when we leave it up to chance. Besides: rolled characters are always more fun than point buy.


I’m still alive!

I’m in the gym and still going with the “roll the dice” thought process. It’s not so much a program, right now, as it is just getting some work in. I’m wrapping up my training for the new job and it’s crazy busy, so I’m just getting something in.

We had a chance to play a little pickup basketball this afternoon. One of the ladies was a legit all-American, WNBA draftee, and is on a college hall of fame ballot. Incredible fun! I made it clear I can no longer play, with actions speaking louder than words, but I definitely want to feel like an athlete again. Box jumps and power cleans for this guy.


Glad to see you’re alive and adjusting to your new digs! How’s Georgian life, thus far?

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Thanks man!

So far, so good. I’ve only been home a couple nights, but my family seems happy and it’s much warmer. The neighborhoods and school have been incredibly welcoming.

My new company has been incredible as well. High expectations and very aggressive outlooks. I am pretty pleased so far.


Strained the absolute dog crap out of my left pec this morning doing OHP somehow. I tried wandering around the gym and doing random stuff for 10 minutes or so, but it wasn’t getting better, so I got on the elliptical for a bit and left. We’ll see how we’re doing tonight and make a plan for tomorrow. I’m guessing it will be fine and I’m just being a baby