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Destination: Lifting Hell Countdown

Just thought I would say Im currently strengthening some of my weaker points atm (adequate lower back and core strength/strength endurance - good mornings, kb swings, OH squats, etc.) while training a little more freuqently on squats specificially because Ill be taking a trip to the furthest pits of lifting hell, aptly known as Smolov.

Yes, in 3 weeks I will be starting the full Smolov program (the only tweak Im making is allowing a rest day between each squat session i.e. the first phase/macrocyle will take 24 days when taking the full 3 weeks of lifting into account in addition to the 1 weak taper/peaking aspect.

I am super-excited about doing this but at the same time, just know this program will either A) Kill me B) Make me hellaciously stronger in the squat. Suffice to say, I will be eating massive when doing this and keep everything else on maintenance (probably go with the good ol 3-5 rule (3-5 sets, 3-5 reps a set, 3-5 minutes rest between sets) for upper body work.