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Dessicated liver

Hello T-dudes,
I’d like to hear some opinions about dessicated liver. I was thinking of trying some as it is said to be a worthwile supplement. What are your thoughts?

Worthless. You’d have eat dozens of them. An MRP would be much better for you. The 70s are over.

i have posted on this before, this is the only supplement i have used and gotten stronger while contest dieting. i think it rules. try beverly brand, its clean.

Paul, how much did you use?

i am currntly using 30 per day. off season maybe 20-24 per day. they ar eby no means worthless, the are definitely a supplement to look at.

Agree with Paul, disagree with TEK. DL, every three hours or so, will have a very beneficial effect on your size and strength. I’ve said it before, so what it you have to eat a whole handful of them? You have to eat a whole handful of chicken at once too, and no one seems too worried about that. Give 'em a try.

I had the good fortune of laying my foundation under Vince Gironda - NO offence to my deep squatting, bulk loving bretheren !
As a trainer I have found those with blood type O respond well to protein from red meat or flesh . .
Rich in B12, folic acid and heme iron, they are strong blood builders, hematocrit support as well as protein adjuncts. Not to use in lie of whey or a good MRP but in addition to . .
As Dan had written in BODYOPUS; the more diverse your sources of protein, the more likely comlete your internal “amino pool” . .
Eat in good health
Mike D

It works! It’s cheap! Whenever I take my liver tablets, I can go for what seems like forever in anything I do. Weights, sprints, tennis, mirror boxing. Great supplement! That’s what all the greats use to take.

Hey Tek! This supplement has been around since the 40’s. Reg, Reeves, Grimek & many more swore by liver or liver tabs. NOW GO TAKE SOME U BABY!

Dessicated liver has not been proven to do anything. It is an old-time supplement used when it was about all bodybuilders could get. You guys keep saying it is good…but where is the scientific evidence ? What study supports this ? Companies that still make it are totally lost…its time to move on. Do you guys stack it with Brewers Yeast ?

john has protein been proven to do anything? show me science. liver tabs are 2g of protein per. if you go with a good company, that can be 10-20g of added protein per meal. positive nitrogen balance, quality protein source to a maybe not so quality meal, iron and b vitamins. i think that the proof would be in the people who use them. as i stated i am now down to 7% bf from about 10.5, and lost no strength, and have actually gained some strength on a competition diet. liver tabs= protein. stop looking for science. its not all chemistry.

With all the great sources of protein available why would you choose dessicated liver ? Your proof that it works is quite compelling…not. If liver tabs = protein than why not take in a quality source of protein instead of that crap ? If you supplemented at the same level with whey would you have received the same results ? Or is there some “magical ingredient” in dessicated liver. This is a dead supplement let it go. It deserves to be buried next to boron.

Considering the liver is the main detoxifying organ and cows are fed various meds like antibiotics and AAS I would think twice before consuming them.

what happens to plasma bcaa levels 2 hours after whey consumption? anyone? anyone? drops back to baseline. solid food (including liver tabs) take longer to digest. if you would like to eat every two hours, great. go all the whey. on e again iron b vites, protein. the liver tabs, if from a reputable source, are able to be detoxed themselves. that is like saying not to eat chicken, it walked once and may have stepped in some poop. anything cows eat (ie aas, antibiotics) also end up in muscle tissue or beef. lets live on whey (not only unrealistc but also not the best protein source)

First off, most bodybuilders eat every 2-3 hours, so whey is perfectly good. Secondly every toxin passes through the liver, these toxins are either stored in the liver, excreted or stored in body fat. Any AS or antibiotics aren’t “stored” in the muscle, unless they were injected. More often than not the liver stores the majority of the toxins. Thirdly do you really want to eat detoxified protein? Personaly I like protein that doesn’t have to be detoxified. Lastely how do supplement companies detoxify the liver? There are probably thousands of different toxins that could be in the liver. Are you telling me that they can remove every one of those chemicals?

so nothing is stored in muscle cells? steroids must work by magic, with no direct action on the muscle cells at all. the beef must be de-steroidized prior to grinding, right? milk has to be purified as well before being made into whey (pasteurization sp?) while not being completely schooled on the whole purifying process, i know it exists and is possible. after my show is over, i will post pics, and complete diet as my testimony to their effectiveness. if you don’t like them, don’t use them. but don’t discount them because they have been around for awhile, or some other manufacturer knocks them. try them once and decide for yourself.

toxins can be stored anywhere (example cancers, bacterial infections of the localized type) types of liver are also a factor, free range organicically grown cows liver is not the same as mass herded.

Liver doesn’t hold any magical properties that make it more beneficial than regular beef and since it would contain a higher concentration of toxins it’s not worth it and I dont believe the Dliver producers can detoxify it and although organic sources would be preferable they’re not exempt from toxic exposure due to pesticide and herbicide wind drift.

Muscle cells do not store toxins, steroids etc. they do store macromolecules and nutrients. As for steroids, they act as transmitters, once the message is transmitted the steroid is broken down, into fatty acids and glycerol, and are absorbed. And yes its true, steroids work by magic. Lastely you’re mistaking toxins for being alive. Although some toxins can be organic metabolites, but these aren’t alive. Bacteria, viruses, cancers, etc. can give off toxins but they themselves are not toxins.

the steroid receptor is on the muscle cell, correct? along with other organs but the target organ for aas is usually the muscle cell. bacteria are alive, and some grow on their own outside of a cell (why we need agar plates) viruses, although acellular, are a living parasite. a small, simple organism but still alive. i will get my hands on the procedur for the liver detox for consumption. in the meantime, some body better warn the weekly liver and onion people they are headed for certain doom