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Dessicated Liver Tablets


Has anyone tried these? I was reading an article on Elite FTS about how Vince Gironda advocated liver tablets to maintain positive nitrogen balance... but that's because they didn't have protein powders back then right? He probably would have taken those instead I am assuming.

Anyway, my question is whether supplementing with them would be any different than taking a protein shake. Possibly better due to vitamins/minerals and all that stuff?

Does anyone take them? Do you get weird burps?



Of coures I tried them, just like every body else back in 1989...

Really, there are better ways to spend your money. Go for protein powders, leucine and BCAA and set up a good protein pulsing plan.
I believe that maximizing the anabolic response to protein eaten (i.e. max protein synthesis) is far more important than trying to have tons of amino acids in your blood stream all the time.


They were the staples of old school bodybuilders. I definitely notice better performance and lower stress levels when taking them regularly. But they taste like eating dried dirt.


They have lots of vitamins and minerals, and you can easy add 30+ grams of protein a day with out feeling bloated like you would if your constantly throwing shakes down your gullet.


Bump. Anybody else tried these?


I have, and still have some. they're a good source of iron, b vitamins and folate. they're easy to take, but you'd have to take a lot of them to reach 30 grams of protein.


And the type of iron you get from them is a type that you dont have to worry about overdosing on. I think it's called heme or non-heme iron... I forget which one.


I read the same article from EliteETS and bought some. Havn't really noticed any effects of them yet, but they are cheap so w/e. About $20 for 500 tablets. I just pop a few every couple hours or so.


The more I think about it, I am actually leaning towards actually using these things. I was looking at the Uni-Liver brand made by Universal, it has about 3 grams of protein per 2 tablets, is $25 for 500 tablets and all the other good nutrition stuff. I'm thinking of just taking 2 tablets a couple times per day, possibly during my smaller meals to balance things out. I think it's kind of like taking fish oil caps, it's not a staple, but just a different way to get some more protein/vitamins in.