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Desserts Mmmmm

I really enjoyed the posts about what your fav. foods are for breakfast, P+F, tuna, etc.
Let’s here some ideas for t-dawg or just plain healthy desserts. Lets Go!!!

Don’t recall the name of it, but in the “Shake It Up” article at T-mag there’s a healthy version of a Dairy Queen Blizzard. Very good!

well on a carb up day you can try something like this…vanilla whey shake, scoop of fat/sugar vanilla free ice cream, 2 tbsp natural p.nut butter…blend with ice. or for chocolate lovers use choc. whey, sugar/fat free choc. ice cream, 1tbsp nat. p. nut butter, 1tbsp. sugar free choc. syrup. all those sugar free products contain carbs from sugar alcohols and such, which is why id try this on a carb up day.

To me, the healthiest dessert will always be fruit. Love mangos, kiwi, watermelon (or melons in general), nectarins. Hell, even yams can be a dessert. Or oatmeal with brown sugar, nuts, cinnamon added. BUT, if I’m in the mood for a dessert and NOT getting ready for a contest it’s either Apple Pie (woo hoo!) or a chunk of chocolate cake.

Two scoops vanilla clasic grow, 3 egg white, 1 whole egg, an 1/4 C. water. Blend til thick and cook on skillet like pancakes. Top with cool whip lite if you must.

I end many days with some good banana yogurt with oats mixed it… . Not too original, but very good.

when not preparing for a show I LOVE
chocolate chip pancakes topped with chocolate syrup and whipped cream…ugh!!!
I still have 2 weeks to go…and then IHOP here I come!!!

Well this recipe was founded in 1931 by my great grandfathers sisters cousins wifes ex-boyfriends best friends sister-in-law. You take some crushed almonds or whatever nuts you want mix it ith some margerine or butter. Press it to the bottom of cassorole dish so its 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick. Now whip together a stick of cream chese, , splenda, vanilla extract, some sour cream. Pour on top of crust and refridgerate. It’s a good thing.