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Desperately Seeking DH

Can someone who is in contact with DH pm me or let me know how I might get a hold of him? It seems he doesn’t visit/log in very often any more.

I’ve tried to send him a pm, but it doesn’t seem to go through there is no record of it in my messages box - or any that I have previously sent for that matter. Any help tracking him down would be greatly appreciated.

DH meaning Disc Hoss? If I remember correctly, he used to hang out at Intense Muscle. Don’t know for sure though…

Yes, Disc Hoss. I’ve done some “googling”, but he seems to keep a pretty low profile these days. Can’t find many recent posts other than the one on here a few weeks ago. It’s a shame, I miss his insight. I was actually hoping someone might have an email address.

May be a long shot, but I bought some things from him on ebay a few years ago. According to them, he’s still a registered user. Disc_hoss is his member name. I think you can search users on ebay can’t you?

Hope that helps.