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Desperately Need Motivation to Get Myself Into the Mindset for Getting Ripped


Think I’ll do that and give you an update in 3 weeks


Just to add: The problem I’ve always had is the fact I’m an extremist with food , in either all in cutting or I’m eating everything in sight

It’s a habit I’ve been fighting or a while

Please do. Tag me so I know to look. Feel free to not wait 3 weeks - just check in to let us know how you’re doing and that you’re being consistent.

Most of us have a tendency to go extreme one way or the other; it’s very mentally tempting. Most of us never approach our goals when we follow this natural inclination.


I’m 5’8 180, I was at 194 at my highest in April, so not far off from where you’re starting

1500 calories is hella low. I was doing 2700-2800, and then eventually 2100-2500 when I was dropping to 180. I’m at 2700ish to maintain my weight now.

Find a caloric deficit, adhere to it for a while, and then lower it eventually if you want to up the ante. If you start too low too soon, you won’t have any wiggle room to lower anything when you get stuck.

For anyone who cares here my starting point , 215lbs

Look mate no offence but just get a fucking exercise regime and make healthy food choices at this point.

You’re in no condition to start thinking about getting ‘ripped’ at this point. You need to think about taking action. That’s where you should be focusing your efforts in my opinion.

There’s a ton of workouts on here. They will ALL benefit you and get the ball rolling.


I’m starting slowly to do the deep water workout, (I’m recovering from a shoulder injury )

100%. I think I misunderstood the starting point

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why do you say you are 25% BF? Are you just guessing? Do you have a photo of when you were where you want to be? How tall are you?

How are you measuring your food? 700 calories in nuts? Half a watermelon 700 Calories? Both of those are bad choices for you and your goal. That’s already 1400 calories if you are measuring correctly.

Something isn’t adding up.

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This feels like a really, really poor choice for someone eating 1500kcals a day. You really will need to eat to recover on this program.

Quoted for truth.

I was about 240lbs (at 6 foot) about 3 years ago. For the first ~6 months my only focus was on eating better/less and moving more. No measurements, no counting calories, no complicated programs, just breaking bad habits and establishing some good ones. Lost about 30lbs that way with fairly limited stress and left myself plenty of trump cards still to play.


Exactamundo mate

I always feel a wry grin adorn my face when these folk come into my gym and hit out with a roll call packed with goals.

‘Yeah I’m looking to lose weight and strengthen my core then start to build muscle while improving my flexibility’

I’m always thinking ‘you haven’t even started going to the gym, maybe get a couple of sessions under your belt?’

Fuck goals

Goals are just desperately seeking warm feelings when you’ve rattled a fuck off sized bar of Dairy Milk and think ‘that’s it, I’m making a change’

Just turn up and get the work done fuckface. Every day.


Yeah as other said that program not best for you at the moment, do a more moderate program like this below an just get in the good habit of turning up at the gym at least 3 times week…

(Ideally do one extra session of cardio /HIIT and some shoulder rehab and mobilty moves

If you have depression dont go zero carbs, get in a moderate amount of clean carbs (rice, greens, fruit etc) +Get in the level of calories that gives you best energy at work and mood overall.

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Im 5;11

I’m using a scale and a food app to track my daily calories

My weighing scales say I’m 25% , I know they ain’t precise but that’s the only measurement I have

I’ll try this instead thanks

I’ll try not to overthink it all if that’s the case

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