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Desperately Need Motivation to Get Myself Into the Mindset for Getting Ripped

I cannot find the will to get ripped and I need some help

I’ve been on antidepressants and it’s made it hard to lose weight like I used to, I’m currently dropping my dose to help

I’m 210lbs , up from 180 (Now 25% bf) and I’m desperately trying to get into the mindset to deal with the hunger to cut so I can work on getting abs

I read david goggins book and that really helped but I’m needed more guidance to get myself into the right headspace

Sign up for a bodybuilding competition 16 weeks from now.

Pay your entry fee today.

Tell all your family and friends you are going to compete and invite them to come watch and cheer you on.

Boom: you are motivated.


Jump on a stupid diet like No Carbs or Paleo where there is zero thinking and every food choice is like a Yes/No decision.

Do this for like two or 3 weeks to break your sugar addiction and get used to eating “weird” stuff like steak and green beans for breakfast.

Then it will be easy to eat a less stupid diet based around trying enough protein/fats with carbs for energy.


You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Weigh your food and yourself.

Was it Dan John or TC who said to take a picture of your own fat ass from behind for motivation?


Normally I’d agree with you, but he is on antidepressants, the pressure could push him over the edge.


But it could also make diamonds!

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Start a log, post your workouts and meals. Post pictures weekly and ask for feedback. If you can handle the feedback, it can motivate you.

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Accept that you need discipline and not motivation.


I like going to one of those fitting rooms that have mirrors that let you see from every angle… Harsh to be naked Infront of lol

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But what about french fries and Burgers. :heart_eyes:

World-renowned strength coach Charles Poliquin, who passed away in 2018
Basically, discipline is a myth, said Poliquin.

People always walk around looking for more ‘discipline’ or ‘willpower,’ thinking if they could just find a way to be more disciplined, they’ll be sure to finally lose that weight or gain that fitness they have always wanted.

Poliquin, however, said this: *“There is no such thing as discipline. There is only love…You are the result of what you love most.”

Think about this for a moment: The most successful people don’t have more discipline and willpower than you do. They just have more love—specifically self-love.

Think of it this way: When you really love something, it doesn’t feel like discipline to do the right thing. When you’re falling in love, it doesn’t feel like an effort to be nice to the person and treat them well, right? Similarly, if you love pizza, it’s not hard for you to eat pizza. Or if you love working out, it’s not that hard to go to the gym.

Taking it a step further: If you love pizza more than you love the thought of having the body you always wanted, then you might choose pizza and feel like you failed yourself by not being disciplined to go to the gym, but really all you did was choose pizza over the gym because you love pizza more.

Or as Poliquin put it: “You either love finely etched muscular abs more than donuts or you love donuts more than washboard abs…”.

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Are you currently going to the gym/training/sports etc?
If so, what are you doing?

At 25% bodyweight, you shouldn’t be hungry to lose weight. That comes much later.

I’m hopefully getting my head into it now

But I cut this way

1500 cals a day
Little carb as possible (nuts , cheese etc)

On cheat days I’ll have watermelon or some double cream

The process sucks big time but I have cut 25lbs in a month doing this before

Looking to drop 45lbs ideally

And to add to my above post I have been eating a lot better recently but finding the weight staying on me

700 cals of nuts during day
Mix of peppers , onions, spinach, mushrooms etc with bacon or chilli for main meal on a night
Some Double cream on a spoon etc
Half a Watermelon (red bit, not the skin) every day

Finding that maintains me even though i work a trade 9 hrs a day

However if I do this:

700 cals of low carb snacks like nuts during work
800 cals on a night (quick food like cheese and bread or a bacon sandwich etc) and miss the veg I cut really quick

(I use magnesium , zinc, multivitamin and biotin supps everyday)

So I’m stuck between wanting to eat really well or getting to the weight I want to be at

No wonder you can’t find the motivation

1500 kcals is bonkers.

Get MFP or Carbondiet, figure out maintenance and go from there

What is it with maniacs who come out with some arbitrary number then stress out why they’re not getting the results they crave? If you hit out with a random approach then the outcome will likely reflect that


Motivation and discipline etc IME is much easier to consistently find when you are happy and healthy. Also, and I may be talking pure BS here but, if you are or have ever been really depressed or unhappy about your life circumstances etc then, perhaps you are idealising being ripped as a solution to your problems etc (I know I’ve definitely done that in the past, it’s very common).

You may find being ripped is a mirage. Happiness is not an island far, far away, it’s in the flow of life!!

Also, on a more practical note, 1500 calories is nothing for a 200lb+ grown man. Drastic calorie cutting works in the short-term, but in the long run it’s not sustainable.


I’m going to second what @ChongLordUno said.

What’s interesting here is you’re likely actually hitting those calories, because you’ve lost 25 lbs. a lot of times folks *think * they’re eating that little, yet aren’t losing weight, and are looking for the physics loophole that’s creating that situation.

For you, your under-eating. I won’t say you never have to get pretty deep into calories, because it definitely happens, but you’ll feel like crap… hence no motivation. I seriously doubt you need to be at 1500 calories either for your situation or your goals.

If I understand your initial post correctly, you weigh 210, have a relatively high body fat percentage, and want to see your abs. Ideally, you’d maintain/ build some muscle and, importantly, enjoy the process as much as possible.

If that’s all the case, I’ll give you my recommended starting points. It does not hurt my feelings if you aren’t into them.

  • Lift 3-4 times a week. Either full body, upper lower, or body part split. It matters not.
  • 20-30 minutes cardio 3 times a week. Whatever you like the best/ hate the least.
  • Let’s start your calories at 2500. Protein target is 200g. Carbs/ fat will be up to you, just hit your calories, but I’d try a starting point of 100g fat. That will leave you 200g carbs; I think that leaves you a lot of room for the nuts and watermelon you mentioned you eat.
  • Make no adjustments the first two weeks. In fact, I’d be surprised if you don’t gain a little weight.
  • Beginning week 3, we’re looking for weekly weight loss. If we don’t get it, we’ll increase our deficit with reduced calories, more cardio, or both.