Desperate to Get in Shape!

I am 34,totally out of shape.Had previous experience in training with good success.Now it has been over 3 years not training due to my job.I am a courier in a very busy route.I start 5am untill 5pm and running nonstop during those hours.So I am asking if anyone who does or knows anyone who does my job has any success in bodybuilding.If so how?

5am to 5pm… that doesn’t help.

Anyhow, it sounds like you’ll have to work hard to control your nutrition, as you could go too long without food or simply stop and get something crappy because it is convenient.

Other than that, any 24x7 gyms around?

No.The gym closest to me is open from 5am-11pm daily.

Hey, 11pm isn’t that shabby, you can find some time in there that isn’t all that crowded I’m sure.

Look into total body training (TBT) perhaps, as you’d only need to be in the gym three days a week.

If you’re not that in shape, some anytime anywhere bodyweight drills may help. Think squats, pressups etc

[quote]elstay wrote:
No.The gym closest to me is open from 5am-11pm daily.[/quote]

Awesome. You have 6 hours between your shift and closing to get there! TBT is a good suggestion or maybe Big Boy Basics if you’re really out of shape and have been away from exercise for awhile.

Thanx guys.I think I will start with BBB.