Desperate Questions! 39 Y/O

Feel like my life was ending the last week and before that a severe gradual decline since December 2014.

Felt something was wrong got tested at 189 testosterone 3 weeks ago. All other vitamins and blood all came back normal. 2 weeks of haggling with the insurance who didn’t want to cover anything. They wanted $589 for androgel, further stressed me out insurance $6000 deductable. I went to the emergency room first time in 18 years I didn’t know what else to do. First thing the doctor tells me is they don’t test for testosterone “we don’t do that here”. I don’t know what else to do, I sprung 300+ dollars for a generic testosterone gel “I’m that desperate”.

My question is this, do they not help men with this issue going to the Emergency room? They seemed absolutely positively not prepared for this at all. I went there with the same panic symptoms and sent away with the same symptoms. Everyone I spoke to looked puzzled and only the nurse whispered that her husband takes shots, that was the extent of the emergency room helping me.

Are there any other solutions? I’m thinking of going to Mexico for the gel which seems to be much cheaper. Some background I never touched any drugs or alcohol my entire life. Weight lifted for 20+ years nothing extreme and mainly home training. I live a basic relaxed life nothing out of the ordinary but noticed fit hitting the shan when I lost morning erections a few weeks ago and absolute wanting to die soon after that.

3rd day on the gel I feel as if GOD has given me 60-70% of myself back.

I beg any help thank you in advanced.

You need to start reading these stickies:

  • advice for new guys - we do not even know your age!
  • protocol for injections
  • finding a TRT doc

Post your location.

Injections are easy and you can use tiny insulin needles. Injected T is least cost.

Should have tested LH/FSH before any TRT!

“All other vitamins and blood all came back normal.”
You can’t trust that. Please post labs WITH RANGES.
Very interested in LH/FSH, TSH, T3, T4, fT3, fT4

You can eval your overall thyroid function by checking your oral body temperature when you first wake up AND mid-afternoon.
It is important that you have always been using iodized salt.