Desperate Housewives

Anybody else watch this show?

I figure, a TV show about a bunch of MILFs who like to fuck - I’m there, baby. My favorite is the chick (I can’t think of her name) whos having the affair with the kid that mows her lawn. Holy dogshit. I’m 19, not too far from his age, and I used to do a lot of yardwork for neighbors and I can only imagine how nice it would be to be in his shoes.

Teri Hatcher is slammin too, so is her daughter.

How funny is this: Just as I read your post I look down to see my copy of Maxim with Eva Longoria on the cover (woman doing the gardener).
Then there’s a knock on the door (I’m in my dorm). It’s the guy from DHL with a package for me. As he sets it down he sees the mag and we chat about how hot she is and he actually mistook her for Brook Burke (just looked her up and she’s hotter).