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Desperate Help Regaining Muscle

On march 22 at 11:30 p.m., I was robbed at gunpoint. I chose to defend my possesions, and in the process was shot three times. The first bullet went straight through my right quad entering on the lateral side and exiting through the medial side. The second bullet entered anteriorly through my vastus medialus, and exeted posteriorly. The final shot entered my inner thigh, went straight through the femur, and exited on through my vastus lateralus.

I lost an extensive quantity of blood, and am still in excrutiating pain. I could not hold food down for nearly a week due to pain and loss of blood which is necessary for digestion. I still am slowly gaining my appetite back. I went from 205 lbs to 180 lbs, losing fat, lean muscle tissue and of course water and fluid weight. This created a devestating loss of self confidence, put a strain on my ego, and left me feeling inferior.

I still cannot support any weight on my left leg but my right leg has recovered to around 75%. The musculature I have lost equates to nearly one and one half years of training. As soon as both legs are able to squat again (roughly two months) I will be desperate to gain back my mass as soon as possible. I have no availability or AAS, so I have ordered 1ad and 4ad.

I have read articles that deem this product effective, and I have read reviews stating it had little effectiveness. As far as sides, endocrine changes, ect., I have little concern. I will one day be that freak who has money and access to the real stuff, and it is factual that with money you can bypass almost any side, or even fix what may have previously been effected by prohormone use. The above statement may sound very uneducated, but my concern is building as much muscle mass as possible, health is a distant second. These are my personal morals, and they cannot be swayed by someone conflicting them.

Any enlightenment on the effectiveness on these prohormones would ultimately be appreciated. Enclosed is a picture of the pants I was wearing when I was shot, and a picture of what I looked like several weeks prior to the incident.



though by no means was i ‘big guy’ I had attained some muscle mass. Imagine losing about three percent bodyfat and atleast 15-18 lbs of lean body mass. I look at what I was with envy, and look at myself now with shame.

I forgot to include my stats (prior)

205 lbs

21 years old

bench press: 300 lbs

Squat: 315x4

Deadlift: 405 max

one cycle of testosterone cypionate one and a half years ago

currently i am 180 lbs and leaner than I would like to be.

Why don’t you just recover and train for a while again? You are familiar with muscle memory right?..I’m not gonna question why you bothered to fight back.

I’m really glad you are alright. You are lucky to be alive and should thank God for that, you have no reason to feel anything but thankfulness, in fact. I’d rather be 150lbs than in a box in the ground, and I think you need to put things into perspective. Really. You probably should not be here typing right now at all. Think about that.

Also, you were told the last time that you posted that you were too young, you did not take the advice you were given, and you stated here that you came to regret it and wished you would have listened to what people had been telling you. Think about that, too.

I’m not in a position to tell you anything about prohormones except that I have read almost nothing good and plenty of bad about them. I don’t know why you ordered first and asked questions later (I almost said “shot first,” but that would have been in bad taste, eh :wink:

You should have come to this website before you went to the prohormone one. Also, if you would have looked around a little longer, you could have put that money into a good cycle, as AAS is not that hard to find.

As far as advice. I would not take the prohormones, but again, I am not qualified to talk about that. I will say that muscle memory is real, and without any assistance other than food and some hard work and the obvious rehab, you should naturally get back to your regular weight provided you get the leg fixed up right.

Again, I’m sorry if I sound harsh, but you need to quit whining. You are ALIVE, man! A lot of people have done the same thing as you, and are not lucky enough to be moaning about how they got small and lost self-confidence to a bunch of strangers on a bodybuilding forum.

Cortes, thanks for the concern and input. Ive got to get away from this site for a while, it triggers slight depression.

Getswole, i know your curious about why I defended my possesions at gunpoint. I read the guys wrong. Since I would never shoot someone, i figured it was just an empty threat. Going back, Two black guys who looked cracked out is a more serious threat than I could have imagined.

Glad you made it out alright man. You gotta be strong when you find your confidence shaken. If you were strong enough to defend yourself at fucking gun point you’re strong enough to make strides into your recovery. Best of luck.

thanks man

Did they get your stuff? Keep your head up man. I’ve lost all my muscle and gained it back and you will too. I don’t know why you can’t use real steroids to speed up the process, and I don’t know anything about prohormones, but I wanna wish you good luck.

[quote]duhast234 wrote:
Cortes, thanks for the concern and input. Ive got to get away from this site for a while, it triggers slight depression.

Getswole, i know your curious about why I defended my possesions at gunpoint. I read the guys wrong. Since I would never shoot someone, i figured it was just an empty threat. Going back, Two black guys who looked cracked out is a more serious threat than I could have imagined.[/quote]

HAH! Alright I was a little curious.

But I’m more interested in your health. As has been said I don’t think you should use Ph’s. Especially not right now since your body no doubt has stress to deal with besides liver issues and everything else with Ph’s.

I think you should train a few months naturally and get back into the groove of things, your muscle will come back pretty quickly if you start training and eating hard again. Muscle memory is real, I am experiencing it right now in my training.

If you’re willing to fight someone, you need to be willing to fight them to the death. Since you’re not “willing to shoot someone,” then you need some education regarding some martial arts or carry a knife.

There are a plethora of ways to defend yourself against lethal force-- LEARN ONE.

And honestly, how can you not be willing to kill someone who is going to kill you? Sure, people claim they’d die all the time for something, but against some street thug what are you dying for? When you come to the point where you are willing to kill to live, you’ll realize your life suddenly means much more to you than you thought it did.

If you choose to pursue a proper way of defending yourself, ask me and I’ll see what I can do about pointing you in the right direction. However, you should realize that by now when you are presented with lethal force you have two options: run and die, or fight properly and walk away-- never count on a bluff, courts will side with you esp. if you kill some street thug with a firearm.


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Sorry to hear what happened. I have a question though. Is this thread asking for help, like your title of “desperate help” says, or are you just telling us that you are going to take PHs? Sorry I just couldn’t really determine the question here. What I would say is that you shouldn’t be wasting your money on PHs, and your body would be better off with out them.

[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
You showed foolhardy bravery when confronted by violence. Don’t compound the issue by being foolhardy when it comes to your recovery. You body needs energy to regrow vital anatomical structures, not fucking showy muscles.

Be patient now and create a strong foundation of health, then you can triumph later on.

Or, be impatient, use inappropriate substances, overload your body and face a complete clusterfuck further down the line.[/quote]
I can’t stress how much I agree with this.

With respect to Worlds comments… Not everyone has the emotional or mental ability to kill someone, whether they have the skills or not, I know many Marines and Cops who have failed in the face of adversity. Some of us are lucky enough to “kill back” rather than fight…

Nice job surviving getting shot. Don’t worry about your muscle mass, it will come back easily, but you have to let your body recover for like a year. No shit man, take it easy on the legs for a whole year AT LEAST.

uhast what you did was brave, stupid, haha, but brave, and it showed good sense of character. But i truly believe not everyone has the ability to kill. Ive seen it firsthand, some can and some cant. But EVERY human can persevere through adversity. There is actually a Us Army Soldier who went through ranger school after losing his eye, and a Recon Marine who lost both his hands and now instructs at the Marine Corps MCMAP School IN Quantico.

I guess what im trying to say bro, is that you dont need to mess around with PHs right now. Get back to 100% naturally so that you can reap the full benefits of AAS should you decide to use it. Good luck!

Glad to hear you’re OK.

PHs are a bad idea right now. They’re a signal for your muscles to grow, and trust me, your muscles are currently already getting plenty of chemical signals to grow. Also, you really don’t want to divert energy to muscles that should be going to bones, organs, etc that need extra energy right now to regrow/keep you alive.