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Desperate for Joint/Knee Relief


Tennis Elbow, Tendonitis. I think you’re on the right track.

Your knee pain could be tendonitis in your thighs or “quads” or whatever. Maybe adductors because you mentioned “inside.”


E2 is suppose to effect the tendons and ligaments in a negative fashion. Maybe that’s what im dealing with.


Or it could just be regular, old fashioned tendonitis.


Sermorelin has helped my joint pain, significantly. Have your IGF-1 checked.


Thank you. That never occurred to me. I have access to labs anytime, so I will get it done tomorrow.


Yes it was tendinitis or actually scar tissue in the tendon from small tears or abrasions from the bone under the tendon. The Dr cuts away the scar tissue and grinds the underlying bone to promote blood flow and a smother surface


myself no, but have pretty much only heard good things


Hi there you should be on a anti inflammatory diet with olive oil and get a gnc multivitamin & triple strength fish oil for inflammation and for joints get TRIFLEX and check your VITAMIN D level try to control your stress level drink ginger and Turmeric tea


Anti inflammatory diet would be a great idea. I have some friends that swear by dry needling which a physical therapist can do.


I would at least try to find any tight spots in the calves, thighs, and hips. Often joint pain is from a tight muscle near the joint.

Maybe try putting weight on a lacrosse ball in all different spots of the legs and see if you can find anything really painful. If you do, you know that will be a spot to work on.

I get sore elbows, but I think it has to do with tight shoulders causing mobility issues in the squat position. The elbows try to make up for the lack of mobility, but are not designed to move in more than one plane.

Also, 7 mm neoprene knee sleeves will add a ton of warmth to the joint. That might buy you more improvement than you think.

I would go pharma route last.


TB 500 isn’t going to do anything for you if you can’t see anything on an MRI. Just saying.

Based on everything I’ve read that you’ve said, it sounds like a muscle issue. Muscular imbalances won’t show up on imaging in the absence of substantial inflammation, but can absolutely cause significant pain. It sounds like physical therapy would be your best bet. Either find a better sports doc who understands this, or just go and find a physical therapist who wants to work with you.


Thanks for all the replies. I just picked up some Cissus, just for kicks. (anyone ever had good results from this stuff?)

For now, the turmeric is making it bearable.

I think for sure that I have some muscle imbalances now because of the lack of quad work. Now that im not in excruciating pain, I will probably give PT another go.


Give HGH a go. works miricles for my joints.

As far as gear, dbol and NPP make my joints feel good.


Might try HGH at some point. Is there anything specifically used to treat tendon/ligament issues?


Not specificly medically but like I said, NPP, dbol, deca def sooth the joints.


My secret? Raw milk. Quarter gallon a day. Do some research. It has something in it called Wulzen factor (Stigmasterol). It is in abundance in raw milk. So find a farmer who raises raw grass fed milk cattle and get some raw milk. Ironically Stigmasterol is the precursor to boledone (EQ). Interesting eh…?


Interesting! I pretty much grew up on milk but have since shunned all dairy due to my “education” on it. I do miss it however. Even though.I know all the horrors of its use, the scientific part of me won’t let me drink it, but I do actually feel better when I run a test of including it in my diet.

If only my brain wasn’t always in the way.


Research the differences between raw and conventional milk. pasteurization Kills everything good about milk. With it raw you have enzymes present to digest and use the milk. It actually cures lactose intolerance.


I’m not lactose intolerant and I eat many dairy products but I’ve fully switched to almond milk for my day to day milk use simply due to the macros being hard to beat.


Thanks…I’ve seen all the research on that as well. I consider us no different than any other mammal, and none drink the milk of another species when in adulthood. Regardless, your points are valid.