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Desperate for Help!!!

I am suffering from some nerve damage in my left arm and shoulder and due to this I will be out for a month, maybe two. I am 5’10 and 210 lbs @ about 15% bf. I have changed my diet to one PC meal a day (oats, berries, and Low-Carb Grow!) and the other five meals are PF with lots of fresh veggies and lean protein. Also I consume around 10 grams of EPA + DHA daily. Depending on my activity levels my Kcals average at or slightly above my maintenance levels as per JB’s massive eating guidelines. I can not lift, but I drag my sled three times a week, either for time or trips, forward and backwards. I try to swim daily, but it bothers my arm, so I just tread water.

Could HOT-ROX be used to help preserve LBM and maybe cut a little bf while I am injured? How about Carbolin 19? I am a powerlifter and I know I will loose some strength, but I don’t want to loose any LBM or gain any excess bf. I was thinking of getting some r-ALA for its nerve regenerating properties. Has anyone had any luck with Wobenzym N (sp?) ? Any help or suggestions on diet or supps would be greatly appreciated.


I know this probably isn’t what you want to hear, but just go with the flow. I don’t know your iron level, but just use the time away to enjoy another activity, get yourself healthy, and come back slow and easy.

Watching your diet will be critical in achieving your goals. You seem to understand that and have a good grasp on that.

Your strength and mass will come back very quickly once you are fully healed and able to perform all of your lifts and cardio/gpp.

I don’t know about supps and their ability to maintain LBM, your diet should be able to handle most of that.

Use the time to develop a new program that will alllow you to ease back into your lifting. Most of all, don’t do anything to slow your healing process. Nerves are nothing to mess around with.