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Desperate for Help With Cardio

We have to do the mile run every year last year i was about 10 min but 13 min is horrible for a 14 year old. When we had to compare are results with the states percentages i got a 5 percent out of 100. I have asthma but that shouldnt matter i cant and will not use that as an excuse.

Please can somebody give me some cardio tips and tips on running faster. Next year i do want to go on the football team(walk on) but the running would kill me and i would never be able to play. I have a treadmill at home also.

Age- 14

I would really appreciate some help and advice

Running sucks, and I really feel for you. When I had to get in shape for a three mile run the ONLY thing that helped me was 400 meter sprints. I would do 2-5 sprints 2-3 times a week. There’s an article somewhere on here about 400m sprints. I hope that helps, good luck.

btw i ran the mile in 13 min !

I agree that you should throw in some sprints, but you also have to mix it up and occassionaly go for distance. I run the mile in a little bit over 6 minutes and the only way I keep up that kind of speed is by mixing both sprints and distance running.

If you’re training to run 1 mile, practice running 2.

If you’re training to run 2 miles, practice running 3, etc.

Proper nutrition might also be a factor too. If I haven’t been eating right I get gassed quickly when grappling.

okay so i should run alot of extra laps and do sprints right anything else. Preferibly something on the treadmill, should i run with an incline

Do you feel its more your lungs or your legs that feel weaker? I know when i just started training for mountain bike racing it was my lungs. My legs never felt heavy, tired or weak. So i basically had to train my lungs.

If its your legs, then run more miles and run harder and faster. if its your lungs, practice breathing during training. get into a pace where your not huffing and puffing.

don’t run on the treadmill, if you have to do distance running on the track run on the track cause the treadmill isnt the same. just keep doing it run 3-4 times per week and in a couple weeks you will defenitley see a difference. you have to push yourself too, set a time you want to finish that mile in and push yourself harder each time to get closer to it.


1.Contact your doctor, and see how you should train with your asthma

2.Join a running club

  1. Get a highly reccommended book on running

My last 1 mile time was 5min exactly (done a while ago) but I’m 17 now and I have not trained for it for so long that I could probably improve if I started training again
Sorry mate your question is asking the wrong website, but If you want to get better at running then this is what I would do: pratise hill sprints, Fartlek (running normal speed, then increasing, like H.I.I.T). I also found barefoot offroad running (on courses I could trust) extremely useful. Have 3-4 square (not average American size, a few hundred calories). Energise with some light carb’s before and after a run (a banana, or similar, would be perfect). Revving High is right you should work out what is weaker your lungs or muscles, the former being a sign of how much cardiovascular fitness you have (it’s most likely your muscles at this age, but with your asthma perhaps not) and train whichever ones weaker up with specific exercises. Check your mile time every week (preferably on a flat road) and see how much you have improved.

If you want a proper program then please contact me back, I look forward to hearing from you.