Desperate Buddy

So buddy a few months ago confided that he was having some issues with being in the kood, maintaining erections etc. I told him it was probably due to his new job hours, kids, training etc. He tried some various GNC type libido things that didnt help much. He goes to the Dr and they run some labs with the end result being he has lower then avg Test levels for 36 years old. He asked about TRT and was shot down rigjt away. He went to another Dr and got same results with same answer. Basically, your getting older and thats just life. I told him to just take Test on his ownn I mean, if the Drs aint going to help him then he should help himself. I spoke with a Sports Med Dr i know and he just said to take a couple hundred mgs every couple weeks. My buddy however is very apprehensive due to he is worried what this will do to his health.

I told him I didnt think say 200mgs every couple weeks would do ajy arm but Im not a Dr. I did tell him when I was younger and I used about 500 mgs a week of test, there was no libido or erections issues whatsoever.

Any words of advice here? Guy is 36 and basically had the door shut in his face by Drs. He did see a endocrinologist and the guy is healthy as a horse.

Not sure what else he can doh

Read the stickies, there’s tons of information.

The very short of it (read the stickies, don’t just rely on what I say here) is that 40mg every other day or 50mg every three days is about what you go for if you actually need TRT. Without knowing what his lab values were, we have no idea if he actually needs TRT or not. TRT treats a symptom, not the problem - for example, if the problem is a pituitary adenoma (tumor) or testicular cancer, that needs to be treated before treating the low T is even considered.

500mg T/wk is way, way, way too high.

Did I mention that you should read the stickies?

He needs to find a doc that will treat him, IF low-T is indeed his problem. If I can get TRT at 26, he can get it at 36–if he needs it.

Most GP’s are pretty ignorant to TRT (you can’t specialize in everything) and that’s why they’re reluctant to prescribe it. Endocrinologists can be even worse. You need to find a doc that is up-to-date on the protocol. This will often be an “anti-aging” or “wellness” doc. Compounding pharmacies are a good place to get a referral.

Self-medicating without an established need is foolish. He needs labs and medical supervision. This is not a panacea and it is not without potential side effects.