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Desperate 26 Year Old


Age - 26

Height - 5’11"

Waist - 35"

Weight - 195 lbs

Body and facial hair - I actually have a lot of body hair (embarrasingly) including my chest, pubic region, back, all of legs, arms, butt. Facial hair is fine. It seems to grow at the same pace as other men. I currently have a pretty full beard :slight_smile:

Where I Carry Fat - really the only places I seem to carry fat is in my torso (ie my abdomen/hips) Everyone thinks I am very lean just by seeing my arms, face, neck, etc. This has remained very consistent since my car wreck, which may have caused this, in 2003.

Symptoms/Concerns - Constantly tired/fatigued/lethargic (no matter how much sleep I get), very moody/irritable, lack of concentration and memory, can’t seem to gain much muscle and lose the belly fat considering how clean my diet is and how sound my exercise routine is, libido is very low (comes and goes, but usually hits me 1 or 2 times a week), rather depressed most of the time with lack of confidence and a lot of anxiety. This has been the case since my car wreck.

Rx/Drugs - Not currently taking any presciption drugs. In the past, did take anti-depressants (Lexapro, Zoloft, Wellbutrin XR) Have taken pain killers before for pain. Only thing I take now is supplements, such as fish oil, magnesium, zinc, vitamin d & c, and greens.

Lab Results - These results are from Feb 2007 when I was fed up with the symptoms (I was 20 then):
FSH 3.8
LH 3.3
Free T4 121
TSH 2.038
Total Test. 332
Free Test. 9.53
Free Test% 2.87%

Please bear with me on those as the nurse read them off to me on the phone. She did not provide me with lab ranges. I even tried to get this on paper to be more accurate, but after the never ending nightmare of tyring to do so, along with my schedule, I gave up.

Diet - I am about 90% paleo (I slack on the weekends). Breakfast I eat 4 omega 3 enriched, cage-free eggs with turkey bacon or ham. Lunch is tuna/grass fed beed/turkey burgers/chiken with a large amount of cauliflower, broccoli, and carrots. Dinner is basically the same as lunch. I only eat fruit/sweet potatoes after workouts. On the weekends, I just eat kind of whatever (pizza, sandwhiches, burgers, etc). I rarely drink, maybe a glass of wine every few nights.

Training - Sort of a crossfit/heavy lifting program. I start with heavy lifting, doing compount movements (squat, bench, deadlift, etc) at 3x5 or 5x5. After I do some HIIT (sprinting, jumproping, circuit training with weights, whatever). I do this 3x a week, MWF.

Testes - I was only born with 1 testicle. The doctors thought it just hadn’t descended, but it was never there. Since then, have had no issues with my remaining testicle. In fact, I was told I am quite fertile (and obviously so - I have one daughter and another child on the way).

Morning Erections - I rarely have these. Really only if I wake up having to urinate. As I said, my libido is very poor :frowning:

Just a quick back story: I had the previously mentioned labs done because I was sick of the symptoms. The symptoms appeared after a near fatal car accident I was in during March 2003. I shatter my left radius, was knocked unconscious, and had a compression factture of my T-9. The symptoms have persisted since then. I just had more labs done yesterday as I just got out of the Army and have noticed that, even after cleaning up my diet immensely, improving my sleep, and changing my exercise routine, I still feel like complete crap all of the time.

The VA is extremely slow, so lord knows when I will have the results. I am not even sure what all they are testing me for at this point; I just told the nurse that I am concerned about my T levels. She told me to go to the lab and they would call me once they get the results. I will post those, and any following, as soon as I get them.

Thanks to all who took time to read this.

Update 1/25/2013

Well my most recent lab results came in. I did not pick what was tested on… I called and asked to have a whole panel of tests done (test, shbg, estrogen, etc) but they said they would just do a few things for now. Here are the results:

Testosterone, LC/MS/MS 571 ng/dL Ref Range 250-1100
Albumin 5.1 g/dL Ref Range 3.6-5.1
SHBG 38 nmol/L Ref Range 10-50
Test Free 67.3 pg/mL Ref Range 46 - 224
Test, Bioavail 156.1 ng/dL Ref Range 110-575

I called the nurse back to request a follow up as I felt these were low, but she and the doctor feel that I am normal, therefore nothing to worry about. I have very little options at this time since my primary care is through the VA and I am assigned to the one doctor, so I really dont know what to do.

Update 1/16/14

Well it’s been a year later and still feel like crap all of the time, so I switched doctors (which was a major pain and took a lot of work). Libido is OK, energy is very low even with 9 hours of sleep per night. Concentration/motivation sucks - mind is very foggy. I still feel depressed much of the time and don’t enjoy life like I really want to. I keep gaining fat in my belly/love handle area and nowhere else. Still eat clean and do my Crossfit Football program 3-4x per week.

My new doctor, too, doesn’t take me all that seriously but I convinced her to run a series of labs again just to see where things were. I tried to get her to do estrogen, DHEA-S, and others but I had to fight tooth and nail just to get what I did. Lab was taken at 0700 while fasting. My CBC, cholesterol, etc came back great.

Testosterone Test
ALBUMIN 5.0 g/dL Ref 3.6-5.1
TESTOSTERONE 612 ng/dL Ref 250-1100
TESTOSTERONE.BIOAVAILABLE 170.9 ng/dL Ref 110.0-575.0
TESTOSTERONE.FREE 75.1 pg/mL Ref 46.0-224.0
LUTROPIN 4.7 mIU/mL Ref 1.5-9.3
FOLLITROPIN 7.1 mIU/mL Ref 1.6-8.0

THYROTROPIN 2.58 uIU/mL Ref 0.47-5.00
THYROXINE.FREE 1.1 ng/dL Ref 0.70-1.48

CORTISOL 13.5 mcg/dL Ref BEFORE 10AM: 3.7-19.4 mcg/dl
CORTICOTROPIN 34 pg/mL Ref 6-50

Everything seems to be fine, though my TSH seems a bit high and my Free/Bioavail Test seems low although they have obviously increased over the last year. Supplements I now take are:
Whey Protein
Creatine (5-10 g a day)
Citruline Mallate
5000 iu Vit D
3-4g Vitamin C
1g Acetyl Carnitine
1g Carnitine Tartrate
600mg Ulbiquitol
1g Resveratrol
15mg Zinc/1mg Copper
600mg Magnesium Citrate
600mg Acetyl Cysteine
1 scoop of Green Vibrance (greens, digestive enzymes, probiotics, etc)
25mg Lugol’s 2% Iodine
400mg Selenium
400 iu Vit E every other day
1/2 teaspoon of Himalayan Sea Salt with warm water

Please let me know if you need any information and again thank you to anyone who reads all of this. I would just love to hear any feedback if I am ok and need to just suck it up, or if there is anything that seems to be off and I can/should work on. Thank you all very much.

When you post labs, we need the lab ranges. Use the [edit] in the lower RH corner and fix above.

Your write up suggests that your accident damaged your pituitary. In that case you need to look for more than T. Might need a MRI to see what it going on.

Thyroid: TSH, fT3, fT4
TSH is elevated, read the thyroid basics sticky and report your body temperatures.

IGF-1 for GH function

AM cortisol. Get normal sleep and do the lab work at 8AM.

Read the advice for new guys sticky and provide more info.

Thank you so much for the quick reply, KSman. Apologies for not having the lab ranges above as those were never given to me. The nurse just read my results over the phone and I tried to write them down. Like I said, they were very rude and unprofessional. I will update the above info as much as I can!