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Desparate Shoulder Injury

I injured my shoulder 8 years ago I tore the tendon that holds it up in the socket. I do two forms of martial arts and I am just starting back into lifting after a long break. I have tried to get my shoulder fixed all they say they can do is shave down my collar bone to make more room for the joint. I do not trust the medical profession to “practice” medicine like that on me. I also went to a certified ART person and had muscle work done etc. I was wondering if anyone could direct me to a good shoulder recovery workout. AND YES I HAVE READ ALL THE PREVIOUS ARTICLES. The closest I found was healthy shoulders but I have no idea how to incorporate that in a program and yes I read “Get Buffed”. However all that stuff points to specialising will cause an inballance somewhere else. I would appreciate help with this. I am really frustrated with this and am about to say the hell with lifting and just stick to my martial arts.

Knuckle - I had surgery similar ro the one you describe in 1991. It was very succesful, had complete range of motion 10 days post-op when they removed the staples! You may want to find a good sports doc who does a lot of shoulders and reconsider! But, as for specialization causing an imbalance - only if the specialization is carried over to long of a period! If you do a 12 week course for delts and incorporate maintenance exercises for the rest of your body you will only help your shoulder and “undo” and imbalances you have there! Matt