Despade: Journey to Strong(ish?)


Weight 227

Got sick last week, then just as sinuses were feeling better, woke up and my lower back was spasming like a son of a bitch so missed another few days. Feeling better both back and head cold, I tend to do a couple full body pump days coming off of a week or more missed, so working through those. Not upping the TRT dose until I get my diet cleaned up more, need to show myself more discipline before I dive in.


Weight: 224

Feeling better from illness and can move more freely but the low back is still pissed. Doing solid upper body work and doing a shitload of body weight squats every session. Attempting to clean up my diet, not going to move my TRT dosage up until I’ve shown I can be disciplined with diet again, ha, figure that’s my carrot.

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Still here, took a week off for a family wedding in the mountains, ate, drank, and was merry. Took a minute to recover, but I’m back and feeling pretty good. Did a week of full body pump to flush the system, feels good.


Weight: 227 (density = mass)

4 x 5 x 225

Ouch, haven’t squatted for awhile due to the low back shit, boy is that a perishable skill :joy: staying away from deadlift, but squats feel ok as far as pain.


Weight: 228 (down with the thickness)

Squat 4 x 5 x 225
DL 4 x 5 x 275

Still at it, been taking it easy on the lower back, but I need to stop milking it and just start training it to get back, because while I haven’t ‘skipped’ days, definitely been a pile of shit on them haha

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Still going 4-5 days a week. Lifts are going decent. Had a video, it’s too big. Stupid high reps

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225 x 30. Got into some rep challenge stuff with guys at work and it’s been fun. Did 135 x 46 two weeks ago. 225 x 30 this week, next will be 275, 315, and so on. Fun way to get back in the grind of deadlifting after having a screwed up whatever it was for a few weeks

Edit: also have fully embraced the thiccness :joy:



Top set: 335 x 3

Hell yeah, new PR


Solid benching and looking solid too mate. Quality

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Last two workouts:

25 x 275

OHP top Set
4 x 225

Feeling good :ok_hand:t2:



Deadlift reps
315 x 20

I’m losing about 5 reps mentally per 40-50lbs it seems like. Need to bring a little better mental fortitude to the gym.