Despade: Journey to Strong(ish?)


Slow but smooth 515 tug :ok_hand:t2: felt pretty cherry.


That sounded so dirty. Nice work mate.

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Weight: 224

A real smooth 5 x 315 push to start the session. Everything on top that is just fookin’ cherries and icing, boys

(Previous PR is 1 x 315)


Weight 226

4 x 2 x 315
1 x 4 x 315

315 is an every day weight now, it feels like, smooth, no struggle, just there mentally and physically, it’s a wild feeling.

I wish I could say this. LOL Nice work mate

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I’d love to say that it’s my hard work, or my excellent programming but honestly… :joy:


Weight: 226


Bicep (peak): L - 17 7/8 R - 18 1/8
Quad: L - 24 1/2 R - 26
Waist (belly button): 37
Calves: L - 16 7/8 R - 17 1/8
Forearm: L - 13 R - 13 3/8
Chest (under arm): 48 1/4
Shoulder: 52 1/8

Got a wild hair and did measurements bored at home today. They’re repeatable, and data is always good. Fairly surprised at the waist measurement as I feel decent, pant sizes haven’t changed, and I’ve dropped a belt hole (gotten smaller). Ah well, that’s why we measure, weight, and track things, because feelings don’t do much haha

Have the ability to get some extra test cyp from a reliable source and am thinking I may run 300mg/week since I’m now committed to TRT, jury is still out but I’ll have weights and measurements to look back at either way.

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Weight: 227

3 x 3 x 335

Everything felt heavy AF, but most likely due to a shit sleep cycle the last few days, so not terribly surprised.

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Weight: 226

Shoulders and Triceps

Light pump stuff, tired as shit, but it got done and it felt good. Rest/body weight day tomorrow.


Weight: 223

365 x 1

It was a smooth one, heavy as I’ve gone in a minute for a multitude of excuses (not reasons haha) but whatever fuck them squats :joy:

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Weight: 225

Flat DB Bench
5 x 10 x 100

Feeling solid. Don’t really feel 225, usually feel more fat than solid, hopefully I’m not just gaslighting myself :joy::joy:

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Weight: 223

Back stuff:
High pulls

Bicep stuff:
7 curls

Good pump. Feel full and somewhat presentable, operation slightly less sloppy seems to be going ok haha

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Things men can say that women probably shouldn’t. LOL

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Up to 405 x 1

Heavy, but do able. Hate squats still haha



Straight Bar OHP
1 set x 3 reps x 225

I ain’t mad about it. ‘Bout passed out. But it got, got.

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Weight: 221

Been doing light workouts, minimal sleep between work call outs and sick kids, so just been going, chasing a pump, and being done. Not sure what’s going on with weight, but I feel ok.

Got my test checked Tuesday, 4 days post injection of ~150mg and it came back at 1431 (range 197-670) :joy: doesn’t seem right, but I’ll take it. Seems like an excellent response to a very mild dose.

Edit: this just makes me think that 300mg a week of test cyp is gonna turn me into Arnold… obviously :joy:

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Weight: 226

Absolutely mailed that leg day in. First time in a long time that I had to talk myself into going to the gym, ha. Whatever, it’ll pass, it always does. Got a little sweat going, call it a win.

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Weight: 228

I can feel the bloat in my face and hands :joy:

DB Flat Bench
5 x 10 x 100s

Day 1 of “45 Days to Fill The Sleeves”

Coach Feld’s fundraiser, I think he’s the S & C guy at Miami now…? Used to be Oregon, anyway, it’s 100 reps for biceps and 100 reps for triceps every day for 45 days, varying rep schemes and weight, full auto regulation. Just gonna tack it onto my regular workouts and use it on rest days. Something fun, ha



Weight 224

Shoulder pump

Trying to be smart and do a shit load of pump work, light volume to help joints and tendons keep up with strength, real tough not pushing for rep and weight maxes every lift :joy:

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Weight: 225

The top set
DB incline bench
3 x 10 x 90

Did a light chest and back pump along with the fill the sleeves reps. Little cardio. Feeling good