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Despade: Journey to Strong(ish?)


Haha they are definitely in pounds, I’ve been disappointing my people for years :joy: (It only hurts a little on the inside)


You mean your not 210.8kg :open_mouth:



Weight: 212

Heavy Bench
5 x 135
3 x 185
3 x 225
2 x 255
1 x 275
4 x 1 x 295 (~93%)
1 x 2 x 295 (~93%)

DB Incline
5 x 8 x 80
WG Pull Up
5 x 6 x BW

Giant Set:
Tricep Extension
5 x 20 x Black Band
5 x 15 x Purple
Stability Pushups (On bands)
5 x 5 x Double Green

Single Arm Tricep
3 x 12-15 x Black
Band Pull Over
3 x 12 x Purple

A surprisingly great day for pressing, between EMS calls, extremely pregnant wife, and restless dogs, there was not a lot of sleep to be had at our place last night. Honestly came in a little bit worried about the 295, but it was fast enough and smooth enough that I actually got a couple compliments on how easy it looked for all the sets, definitely felt the second rep on the double, but it was still a good, solid rep.

Sloppy as a bucket of KFC gravy, but 212 isn’t as bad as I expected. Seriously need to start flexing my will power a little bit.


The good old holidays. I’m in the same boat. I did really good today until I got home and ate everything in sight



Weight: 209.4

Heavy Squat
5 x 135
5 x 225
3 x 315
1 x 335
1 x 365
4 x 1, 1, 1, 0 x 395 (92.5%)
8 x 225

Banded RDL
4 x 15 x Green
Standing Calves
4 x 15 x 95

Ab Wheel
3 x 10 x BW
Goblet Squat
3 x 12 x 50

Honestly came in today a bit leery, feeling off my game, and kept finding excuses why I should push squats to another day (“Oh is that a twinge in my knee?!” “I’ll do better with better sleep, maybe tomorrow.”) Told myself to nut up and get it done and it moved really well for the 3, which is my ‘minimum’ (3-5 x 1 on my heavy weeks) I had the 4th, but mistimed my breathing, held it a bit long on the set up and lost tightness in the bottom and just folded over, not even upset about it, because the strength was there. Another surprisingly good day.

Edit: I think that the ‘Westside’ style box squats are really helping to improve my speed out of the bottom, I haven’t felt that confident under that kind of weight, maybe ever. I’m genuinely enjoying this homemade training block right now, keeping workouts pretty short and to the point, hitting everything twice a week, feeling recovered and healthy every workout, while still feeling like I’ve actually accomplished something. Can definitely tell that my rep strength has suffered, but I’m willing to sacrifice that for now.


Is that a special kind of box squat or?
Do you think I could use that to get my squats deeper?


I feel alot better about ‘sitting’ back into the squat, and my hips are definitely stronger, so it may help you, especially if you set the box at parallel.



Weight: 209.4

Back/Shoulder Pump Work

All light, pumpy stuff. Wiped out from a long week and an accumulation of hours missed sleeping, just…bleh. Should be able to catch up a bit tonight, then speed bench tomorrow. Have a buddy that wants to work out with me for like a week, we’ll see how that goes.


Once in awhile I like working out with someone to help push me, but for the most part, I like being a lone wolf in my home gym.


I’ve noticed that with the way I workout (super and giant sets mostly) and the limited home gym setup I have, working out with a partner is nearly impossible. I don’t mind, but sometimes it’d be cool to have a comrade to embrace the shittiness with haha.


Couldn’t agree more!


Yeah, he’s kind of at a weird stage in his lifting ‘life’…he’s at the point (and I was there in my early 20s as well) where if people aren’t lifting as hard as he is, then why even show up, he’s still into the 2+ hour workouts where you work yourself into exhaustion (I do mine in 45-75 minutes tops), so it should be interesting haha I’m a bit stronger than he is across the board, but we definitely have different lifting styles.



I’m a member of the 45minute workout club as well. I couldn’t imagine workout out for 2hrs. No thanks.



Speed Bench

10 x 3 x 195

Low Incline DB Bench
4 x 12, 11, 10, 8 x 85

4 x 8 x BW, +25, +50, +50

Tricep extensions
4 x 20 x Black
Pull ups
4 x 5 x BW

Low point cable fly with ropes
4 x 12-15 x 30-40

Bar Pushups
3 x 10-12
Single arm extensions
4 x 10-12 x black

A surprisingly good day. Wasn’t sure what my extra would want to do, but he just decided to try mine out as a change up from his normal marathon session

Pressing felt great, it was a whole body freaking workout though, finally creating tightness throughout my body on benching. I can feel it in my lats big time, the cue “reaching towards the bar with my chest” seems to have made a difference.


I’ll try to remember this… heard about it before but forgot.



Weight: 210.8

Quick(ish) Squat
10 x 3 x 225

Banded Good Morning
4 x 25 x Green

Standing Calves
5 x 15 x 70

Goblet Squat
3 x 8 x 100

SSB Good Morning
4 x 10 x 95

Pretty decent day, 225 still felt slow, but I think I need to hang out there until I can ‘get it’. I really tried to just focus on the push today, I was able to do it off and on, and on the ones where I literally was able to really clear it out and focus on just ‘up and out’ the faster it moved (weird, right?) but those ones felt really good, I’m finally figuring out how to really force the bar up (on both bench and squats) during my speedy days, it’s a good feeling.

Weight is meh, I think I’m retaining some water from all the missed sleep over the week, I always feel sloppy when I’m behind on sleep, and I think that’s typically why.


Yeah, I was watching a podcast with louie simmons (JRE or Barbell Shrugged) and it got mentioned, I can definitely feel myself arch more, and I can feel my lower back today, big time.


Great stuff man. I’m with you in new movements to keep it lighter and let the form get dialed in before progressing the weights. Once the action gets mechanical the weight should shoot up!


I’ll also test out this cue tonight with bench. I need something to help make my bench click. I found a nice bench groove once for about 2 weeks and lost it to never get it back…I should probably look back through my logs to find what I was doing now that I mention it…

I’m the same, hopefully you’re lucky and your little one sleeps through the night!


Yeah, I really ‘reached’ with my sternum/lower ribs and felt like it really accentuated that arch and lat involvement.

Ha! I’m planning for the worst, hoping for the best! I’m guessing one is gonna be chill as a cucumber like me, and the other is gonna be wound nice and tight like my wife haha