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Despade: Journey to Strong(ish?)


Dropping weight to work on form has done wonders for me on the press. Glad you found something that works for you!



5 x 135
3 x 185
3 x 225
1 x 245
3 x 3, 3, 5 x 260 (85%)

Incline DB Bench
5 x 80
2 x 8 x 90
2 x 6 x 90

Low point cable fly
4 x 12-15 x 30-40

3 x 15-20 x 25
Triceps extension
3 x 25 x black band

Lateral raise
2 x 12 x 20
Rear delt raise
2 x 10 x 20
KB Hammer curl
3 x 10 x 25

A good pressing day. 260 moved easily for all sets and reps.



Weight: 209.4

Christmas Eve-Eve Squats

2 x 5 x 135
5 x 225
3 x 315
1 x 335
3 x 3 x 355 (82.5%)

4 x 12 x 55

SSB Heel Elevated Squat
2 x 5 x 135
SSB Good Morning
2 x 5 x 135

Hack Squat
3 x 15 x 150

Leg Extension
3 x 15 x 100, 100, 120
Leg Curl
3 x 12 x 100, 100, 120

Standing Calves
3 x 33 x BW

355 flat moved today, widened my stance just a hair and it felt so much better, took a video of the first set to make sure that I was hitting depth when I felt like I was, was burying them, truth be told. Feel great about today, glad I decided to come in and hit it rather than sit and do nothing, ha.

Feel sloppy, weight wise, after eating a bunch of delicious, but unhealthy, food yesterday, so was surprised and happy with being under 210 (however so slightly).

Light shoulders and back tomorrow.



Weight: 210.4


4 x 10 x 115

Plate Raise
4 x 12 x 35

4 x 15 x Black

Lateral Raise
4 x 12 x 25
DB Shrugs
4 x 20 x 50

Rear Delt Raise
4 x 15 x 20

NG T-Bar Row
3 x 10 x 1 plate, 2 plates, 2 plates

WG Pull Up
3 x 3 x +35
1 x 5 x BW
1 x 8 x BW

Banded Back Pull
3 x 20 x Green

DB Row
3 x 8 x 100

KB Curl
2 x 10 x 25

6 sets of various x 12-20 x Weight

Good little pump, that’s all I wanted from today, blood flow and to kill time while I work my shift, ha!


Note: If I start failing reps in training (plan is to not fail any) then I’m going to reset by 5-7.5% on that lift and continue to move forward.



Weight: 212.8

Speed Bench

3 x 135
3 x 155
8 x 3 x 190 (60%)

Low Incline DB Bench
4 x 12, 11, 10, 9 x 80s

Push Ups (Bar on ground, same as bench grip)
2 x 15 x BW

Pull Ups
5 x 5 x BW

3 x 20 x Black

NG V-Handle Tricep Extension
3 x 20 x 40-60

Rope Tricep Extension
3 x 12 x 60-80

DB Curls
3 x 6-8 x 55

190 moved real quick, feels good, these ‘lower effort’ days are a nice way to mix it up, ready for box squats tomorrow, going to use 205 and see what kind of pop I can get out of them.

Weight, not as bad as expected, but will probably spike a bit more before returning to ~210 this week. So much delicious food.


Do you grab a bar when doing push ups?


That is correct, I just started it, and I grab the bar the same way I bench. I figure, in a totally bro science way, that it should have more carry over than doing push ups the easy/most efficient way. :man_shrugging:


I’ve done bar pushups like that before too. Not sure how much more or less carryover there was to the bench, but it was a decent way to change up the movement.



Weight: 212.4

Box Squat
2 x 3 x 135
8 x 3 x 205 (~50%)

SSB Good Morning
4 x 10 x 115

Hack Squat
4 x 12 x 150

Standing Calves
5 x 15 x 45-115

Banded Good Morning
3 x 15 x Green

Decent little pump, the 205 moved fast, but it didn’t feel like it moved fast…may drop it to 195 (45%) next week, or just muscle through, the speed felt the same as the 225 from last go 'round. I’m hoping it’s just a perception thing, like when you thought you had a real grind to get a lift, then see the video and it looked pretty smooth. I think I’m gonna need to video them next week so I can see it and see where to go with it.

Weight is decent, still feel sloppy, but that’s to be expected, back on track and planning on actually doing some meal prep this afternoon since I’m going to have a little bit of time.


Yeah, it feels good, bro science says that’s how it should work, right?!



Weight: 211.6


A bunch of pump work, nothing heavy, shoulders are fatigued from benching a few days ago, means I was doing something right with the speed work, I guess. Don’t remember sets/reps at the moment for today, doesn’t really matter, had a good pump. Two days off and then heavy bench on Monday.



Weight: 211.6

Heavy Bench
5 x 135
5 x 185
3 x 225
3 x 255
2 x 2 x 275 (87.5%)
1 x 4 x 275 (87.5%)

Low Incline DB
2 x 12 x 80
2 x 9 x 80
WG Pull Up
4 x 5 x BW

Pec Deck
4 x 10-15 x 70-90

6 sets of various x 8-20 reps

Push Ups (w/ bar)
3 x 12

4 x 15 x Black

A better day than expected, the set of 4 actually moved better than the first two sets, I think it is a mental thing. Felt pretty good though, it was smooth and fast, no hitch and/or grind with any of the reps.

Weight: Still sloppy feeling, but down a touch, prepped some meals, so trying to get back into that swing, it’s all elk burger and grass fed beef (I don’t really care if it’s ‘organic’ or not, I simply got a screaming deal on a half a beef from a rancher I work with and it tastes delicious.)


Happy new year



Squatting in the New Year
2 x 5 x 135
5 x 185
5 x 225
3 x 275
3 x 315
1 x 335
1 x 355
3 x 2 x 375 (87.5%)
3 x 315
5 x 135

SSB Good Morning
4 x 10 x 115

Leg Extensions
4 x 15 x 120-130
Leg Curl
4 x 12 x 80-100

4 x 15 x 0-90lbs

Meh, it moved, there was never any doubt I’d get all reps, but they didn’t feel as crisp as they could have, shit feels heavy, I guess the test will come when the cycle moves into the 97.5%, 100%, 102.5% areas and I’m moving that for reps, or easily for singles, guess that’ll be the final measurement tool, that’ll be in a few weeks though. I’m confident in the bench, not as confident in the squat.

Weight: I’ve been eating like a trash panda, wife is a teacher so she has these 2-3 weeks off, is utterly pregnant, and is cooking delicious and calorically dense food haha and I’m suffering (“I’ll start my diet Monday,” I say eye roll)



Weight: 215

Shoulder/Back Pump Work

Did supersets with a shoulder, then back exercise throughout, only took about 45 minutes, felt pretty good, but feeling spent, only got about 3.5 hours of sleep last night due to a call, feel decent, just fatigued. Better sleep and then speed bench tomorrow. Also, Nate Harvey’s instagram kills me with his, “Shit sport coaches say” videos :joy:



Weight: 213.6

Speed Bench
8 x 3 x 195 (62.5%)

Bench (w/ homemade ‘shoulder saver’)
3 x 10 x 185

5 x 20 x Red
Low Incline DB Bench
4 x 15 x 55

Low Point Fly
3 x 15 x 30

Paul Carter Pull Ups
3 x 8 x BW

Skull Crushers
2 x 15 x 65
Extension with NG
2 x 20 x 60
Single Arm
2 x 15 x Red

Speed was great, real happy with that, really hoping that this all translates to blowing up some good numbers. Not sure if I’m going to ‘test’ at a certain point in the near future, or if I’m going to run it 5/3/1 -esque and just continually push up incrementally (leaning towards incrementally.)

Weight/Body Comp is sloppy and bloated, not happy with it, schedule is coming back to normal though, which will help tremendously.



Weight: 210.8

Box Squat

Straight Bar Box Squat
5 x 3 x 225 ((52.5%)

SSB Box Squat
4 x 3 x 205 (47.5%)

SSB Good Morning
3 x 10 x 135

Goblet Squats
3 x 10 x 50

BB High pull
4 x 12 x 75
4 x 10 x 75

Lateral Raise
2 x 15 x 25
Plate Raise
2 x 12 x 35

2 x 20 x 25
KB Curls
2 x 12 x 25

Decent day, had one of those ‘ah-hah!’ moments today, was squatting and my shoulder was kinda ‘pinging’ me, and I was thinking, shit, I hope I can keep my shoulders healthy with the benching and the squatting twice a week…looked over and lo and behold! The SSB was just staring at me, so swapped over and did some work with that, I’m kicking myself for not starting my homemade cycle with the SSB for Box Squats, it’s a bit different, more upright, definitely more core, but feels better for control and on my shoulders. If it wasn’t for being a slow learner, I probably wouldn’t learn at all haha

Weight is getting better, but still feel very sloppy.


I always forget your numders are in KG not LB. I think I’m almost as strong as this guy and then I realize you are lifting 2.25x the weight I am.


I think they are in LB there Hoggy!

If not, watch the eff out, this guy is superhuman.