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Despade: Journey to Strong(ish?)




Work up to:
265 x 2
3 x 6 x 225
2 x 4 x 225


Back and Deads

10 x 135
5 x 225
5 x 295
3 x 345
10 x 385 (with some in the tank)

Deficit Deadlift (1")
3 x 5 x 295

Lots of Vertical and Horizontal Pulls

Pretty good back pump, honestly didn’t really even want to lift today, wasn’t dreading it or anything, was just not really about it, still got some pretty solid work done and ended with a solid back and bicep pump to finish my morning.




5 x 95
5 x 115
5 x 135
8 x 155
3 x 8 x 115

Rear Delt
4 x 15 x 25

Lateral Raise
4 x 15 x 25

Front Raise
4 x 15 x 25
‘Trap’ Raise (palms forward)
4 x 12 x 10

8 x 35
3 x 8 x 45

Tricep Fold Ins
4 x 10 x 30

Tricep Extensions (band)
5 x 20

Plate Raise
4 x 10 x 25

A solid pump, another punch the clock session, though, not worried about it, just staying the course. Same as back yesterday, not dreading it, simply not excited for it, but whatever, ha, in it for gains, not day-in and day-out excitement and enjoyment.

“Do not mistake consistency for monotony.” - Some Individual


My poor wife, this seems to be a regular occurrence. There was a few nights where I offered to leave because I didn’t even want to be in the room anymore!

Being confident in the lift is huge, especially in squats. I can defeat myself before I even break at the knees if I’m not confident in the lift. That’s something I’ve been slowly getting better at as well. A few of Brian’s cues helped me. A big one for me is how I unrack the bar. I basically brace hard and explode it out of the J-cups and make the weight my bit@# even before I walkout. It seems to make the bar feel a lot lighter on my back than slowly and calmly unracking the weight.

Nice work on the 405lbs though, that’s a heavy squat.




Feeling the last two weeks of training, been a good run for weight moved, for sure. Does anyone else tend to be more hungry on their off/rest days? I feel like I could eat all freakin’ day during my rest days, just a bottomless pit.

May need to look into this, any idea what the video was called, offhand? (I could also not be lazy and look, ha, but if you know it offhand…)


I’m not sure what the name of it was, but I can do you one better.

I did snip his “cheat sheets” for each lift from the video and saved it, so here they are! #6 from his squat setup made a bigger difference for me than I thought it would “stand up aggressively”.


Gold, much appreciated! Squats tomorrow, so we’ll put 'em to work! :ok_hand:


I do. Some rest days I’m hungry all the time.



Weight: 202.8

3 x 5 x 135
5 x 225
3 x 275
2 x 315
1 x 365
0 x 405 (plenty of strength)
10 x 225

4 x 8 x 225

Leg Extension
3 x 12 x 100

Leg Curls
3 x 10-12 x 50-70

Box Jumps
2 x 10 x 18" box
2 x 10 x 24" box
Standing Calves
3 x 20 x BW

A good day, missed the 405 because I was too far forward, if I had taken it in stocking feet rather than squat shoes I would have had it, no doubt in my mind. probably could have ground it out and saved it, but my lower back will thank me later, ha. I’m in a weird spot, happy and pissed off, happy that 405 now feels ‘good’ on my back and I’m not really intimidated by it, but pissed off that a shoe that’s supposed to help me squat was what buried me, ha! It’s all good. The jumps were kinda fun, nice to do something athletic(ish), will attempt to keep these in rotation.

Weight is good, better than expected, definitely fluffier than my 196, but not too bad. Life is pretty good.




10 x 135
5 x 185
5 x 225
1 x 245
1 x 275
1 x 295 (easy peasy)
3 x 5 x 235
8 x 185
10 x 135

3 x 8 x +25
1 x 10 x BW
WG Pull Up
3 x 5 x +25
1 x 5 x BW

Hex Press (w/ plates)
12 x 30lbs
12 x 40lbs
2 x 10 x 50lbs


A pretty good day, 295 felt strong and fast, feeling good about all my lifts right now, not so good about body comp haha ah well, off to see family this weekend, a full weekend of relaxing, maybe some golf, and a lot of puttering around the shop with a few beers thrown in for good measure. May switch up training days next week, as it is a 7 hour drive back on Sunday and I tend to feel it the next day, which would be deadlifts…not sure how I feel about that.


Damn man, that’s a lot of weight, nice.



Weight: 206.6

Pumpy Back Work

WG Pull Up
5 x 8 x BW

DB Row
5 x 10 x 100

Bunch of other pulling stuff, resulted in a solid back pump. Felt pretty shitty from a few too many good beers with the old man over the weekend (solved the world’s problems, just can’t remember them.) Definitely was not feeling like deadlift haha so…I didn’t…decent pump though, and possibly hit a better pull next week.


Gotta love a bit of pumpy work !! I shal story and get a few pump session in the hotel gym as part of my 2 weeks deload



Weight: 206

10 x 135
5 x 185
5 x 225
5 x 245
10, 8, 8 x 205

DB Incline Bench
4 x 8-10 x 75

Pec Deck (w/ d-handles)
5 x 10-15 x 80-100


Meh day, 245 felt heavy and that sucked, ha. Was a little chilly in the gym and was wearing a slick sweatshirt, so I MacGyver’d a ‘sticky’ pad so I wasn’t sliding all over, used bands and a cool velcro thing we have for ankles to make it work…that was neat, and I learned how to do it for the future (best part of this workout, ha!) This week has been an absolute crap shoot for EMT calls at night, they’ve been spaced out at about 9:30 and 2:00 each night and morning, making sleep rather difficult haha

Should have the opportunity to workout at a new gym today as I have to head a town over to get my truck worked on, usually today is an off day, but I’ll have 5 hours to kill and a different gym…so, yeah…gonna try and get a good leg session in, it’ll be therapy for having to drop a chunk of change into my truck.

Weight sucks, composition, sucks. Whatever.




2 x 10 x 135
5 x 225
3 x 275
2 x 3 x 315
3 x 5 x 275

12 x 135
2 x 8 x 185
2 x 8 x 205

Walking lunges
2 x 5/5 x 70lbs
2 x 12 x 70lbs

SSB (a real one)
2 x 10 x 135

Leg extensions
3 x 12 x 100

A pretty good day in a different gym, too much going on though, haha wasn’t real focused and wanted to just quietly get my workout in without being an obnoxious ‘trying to hard’ visitor. So just hit some solid triples and went about my day.


Quick update from yesterday’s legs…real sore, real tired, the combo of a bit more volume (due to the new gym) plus a 1.5 mile bike ride to the gym from the mechanic and then back (didn’t really think that one through) really, really fatigued my legs. That probably means something…like I need some more volume in my life, ha.



Weight: 205.2

5 x 95
5 x 115
5 x 135
1 x 155
6 x 165

Superset: (45 seconds rest)
5 x 5 x 135
WG Pull Up
5 x 6 x BW

Rear Delt Raise
4 x 12-15 x 20
4 x 12 x 60s

Lateral Raise
4 x 12-15 x 25
Row (in Smith)
4 x 10 x 95

Single Arm Low Point Cable Row
3 x 15 x 90
Tricep Extension
3 x 12-15 x 90

Meh, feeling beat up, the quite pregnant wife has moved to the recliner for the time being and has kindly asked me to be miserable out in the living room with her haha so sleep is in high demand around our place.

Weight is shit. Headspace is negative, but, it’s Friday, gonna try and enjoy a slow day at work.

“When you find the person sabotaging your progress.”


Your first?


Yep, with twins, so everything is a bit…accelerated? haha


Very happy for you. My kids are 15 and 12. Phenomenal experience!



Squatober: Day 1

5 x 225 (55%)
5 x 265 (65%)
5 x 305 (75%)
4 x 2 x 325 (80%)

WG Pull Ups
3 x +35
4 x 3 x +45
3 x 8 x BW

NG T-Bar Rows
6 sets x 12-15 reps x 50-100lbs

Giant Set:
Lateral Raises
3 x 15 x 15
Front Raise
3 x 15 x 15
DB Curls
3 x 8-10 x 30

Gonna attempt the ‘Squatober’ Challenge as a chance to mix up my training (while not going off the deep end) and push up my squat numbers, Day 1 was good, but I’m definitely going to feel these workouts. Will be doing my squats first each day, using the Squatober (Aaron Ausmus’) progression and then do my “normal” workout after, in a minimalist fashion (example: Today (10/1) will be my squats, and then my normal bench day.)

Should be a fun month, ha.