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Despade: Journey to Strong(ish?)



5 x 95
5 x 115
5 x 135
6 x 165

5 x 5 x 135
WG Pull Ups
5 x 5 x +25

Plate Raise
4 x 10 x 45
1 x 10 x 25

Rear Delt Raise
4 x 15 x 20

Lateral Raise
4 x 12 x 25

Tricep Extension (Super and Giant Setted throughout)
10-12 sets x 10-25 reps x Bands/Ropes/DBs

8 x 75
8 x 95
5 x 115
8 x 95
10 x 75

3 x 15 x Black Band

A pretty good session, decent pump, not fabulous, always disappointing to not catch a shoulder pump, but it was a good workout. Was a little disappointed with the 165, thought I had 175 loaded and hit that for 6…alas twas not the case.


500 damn a lot of iron man :slight_smile:

Pendleton Row?

And then Destroy the shoulder day
Great workouts, and a strong OHP thumps up.


Ha, Whoops! Apparently I had whiskey on the brain, ‘Pendlay’ Row.

Thanks, Mort!



Weight: (pre training) 205, (post training) 202.8

2 x 10 x 135
5 x 225
1 x 275
1 x 315
1 x 335
1 x 365
5 x 5 x 275

SSB Good Morning
4 x 8 x 135

Standing Calves
4-5 sets x 12-15 reps x 45-95lbs

Lying Hamstring Curls (w/ band)
3 x 15, 10, 10 x Red Band

A deceptively good workout, I haven’t had my quads feel like they were going to cramp up during squats in a long time, means I’m finally (at least feeling like) I’m working hard, ha. The 365 was a little misgrooved, posterior chain is still a bit tired from heavy deads, but it’s there pretty much any time I want it. the 275 was tough, but solid, very happy with the workout today. Hamstrings are so disgustingly weak, those banded hamstring curls had me quite crampy…


Lol love it when this happens, it’s always good to know you have put in the work. Quality



Major Chest with a Minor in Back

Worked up to 225 x 10

Did a whole boatload of accessories for chest and back. Messed around with fatbells for the first time, plus a whole bunch of new and different handles and bars.

It was a fun workout, had to go to the next town over to get my truck worked on, so I caught a workout at a gym there. It had a great free weight area, tons of cool little implements and on Saturday of Labor Day weekend, it was dead as you could ask for, ha. I got a little training ADHD and went all over trying the fatbells and the various pulling handles, but it was a good blood flow workout.




10 x 135
5 x 225
5 x 315
3 x 365
8 x 405

Deficit Deadlift (1”)
3 x 5 x 315

4 x 5 x +25
Pendlay Row
4 x 8 x 135

DB row
4 x 10 x 100

Lat Pulldown
4 x 12 x 140

DB Curls
4 x 12 x 30

High point NG row
3 x 20 x 150

BW WG pull-ups
3 x 8

A good day, 405 moved really well for the 8 with no belt, and deficits were different, but a good different. Decent pump. Contentment.



Weight: 202.2


2 x 5 x 95
5 x 135
3 x 185
5 x 5 x 135

Aaaaaaand a bunch of accessories, felt pretty good, it was a solid 3 reps at 185, that’s getting easier and easier, beltless again, which, I feel, is a huge difference for me. Upper back was really fatigued and sore, forgot that I did a boat load of light shrug and holds on my back day, felt them on shoulders yesterday. Happy with the workout, happy with body composition, weight is meh.


I so want to use these!!


They were pretty neat, the weight distribution made them feel more ‘solid’ in my hands (I think) and the made it easy to do tricep fold-ins because you could just roll them, also they looked cool in the mirror, haha. Are they significantly better or different than dumbbells, though? I don’t really think so.




3 x 5 x 135
5 x 225
3 x 275
2 x 315
1 x 345
1 x 375
5 x 5 x 275

SSB Good Morning
4 x 10 x 135

Standing calves
4 x 12-15 x 50

Banded Hamstring Curls
1 x 12 x Red
1 x 8 x Red

Seated Calves
3 x 12 x 50

Leg extension
3 x 12 x 100

A good day. 375 moved slowly, but smoothly. The first two sets at 275 felt like trash, but the last three felt solid and moved well. The banded hamstring curls had me crying, the injured/apparently not truly healed hamstring was cramping like a son of a gun.



2 x 5 x 135
5 x 185
5 x 225
3 x 245
3 x 265
5 x 5 x 225

A few accessories, pretty weak day. As of today (9/10) still have DOMS in my hamstrings, chest, and front delts. Ate well, slept decent, but didn’t recover very well, I guess. Not prepared for work today.


This is where you make the best progress, turning up when you feel off and getting your work done. Good work mate.



Weight: 203.2

2 x 8 x 135
5 x 225
3 x 315
12 x 365

Pendlay Row
3 x 5 x 225
1 x 8 x 135

WG Pull Ups
6 x 8 x BW

Various Rows and Curls

Ended with 1/8th mile of a carry, first full lap was with a 50lb KB hanging from a band (core work? Ha!) Second lap was with 70lbs hanging from it, switching hands at each turn, decent grip work, decent core work, good for sweat production.

This workout (due to distractions and talkative gym goers) lasted 2 freaking hours, luckily I got through my deadlifts without distraction, so the rest was just icing on the cake, not too worried about it.

Weight is decent, extremely bloated due to taco soup yesterday while watching football, pretty healthy meal, in all honesty, just not used to that much fiber and lots of salt, ha, wife almost kicked me out of the room last night :joy:


Almost but didn’t. :joy:




2 x 5 x 95
5 x 115
5 x 135
3 x 165
3 x 185
5 x 5 x 135

WG Pull Ups (scattered throughout)
6 x 5 x BW

Rear Delt Row/Raise
4 x 15 x 20

Lateral Raise
4 x 12 x 30
Tricep Extension
8 x 8 x 100-150
DB Curl and Press
4 x 10 x 30

Other stuff, maybe, who knows.

Decent day, not a bad pump. Upper back was fatigued from deadlifting, damn near had 4 x 185, it was right there, and that’s what I wanted, one more rep this week, ah well. The 5 x 5 felt ok, not as easy as it should’ve been, but need to bump that up next week.



Weight: 205.6 (that’s a head scratcher)

2 x 5 x 135
5 x 225
2 x 315
1 x 345
1 x 375
1 x 405 (2nd time I’ve ever hit this)
5 x 5 x 275

RDL (w/ 1" deficit)
1 x 10 x 135
3 x 10 x 185

Standing Calves
75 total x BW

A very good day that was unexpected, getting a lot more confidence in my squat with the heavy singles as I move up. Boy, am I a slow mover with all of my lifts, seems like as long as I don’t get bored and give up on a lift, I can smoothly keep it going. Was honestly not sure about the 405 so I’m extremely happy with hitting it for a slow, but smooth, single at this point, without having my head really ‘in’ it. It was definitely work though, ha.


405 is a beast. But I remember when 315 felt heavy. Now it is an anytime I want it lift.


Nice work on the 405 and bam that’s a good weight gain too :wink:


@losthog Thanks, man! Yeah…315 still feels heavy haha, but I remember a bit over a year ago it was a shaky 315 x 3 to set my numbers on my initial cycle of 5/3/1.

@simo74 it’s bulking season haha no more camping and going out on the lake with no shirt, the abs have been retired