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Despade: Journey to Strong(ish?)


Week Re-Cap

235 x 9 or 11 (I think it was 11… it was good though)
195 x 11

395 x 10
315 x 10

155 x 9
115 x 13

5 x 185
5 x 225
3 x 275
3 x 315
3 x 225

10 x 115
4 x 8 x 205
5 x 12-15 x 95

Walking Lunges
2 x 10/10 x 65

Leg Extensions
4 x 12-15 x 100

1 x 20 x 50
2 x 15 x 75

Had a really good week of training, had a bunch of beer and pizza the day before OHP, so was really happy with those numbers. Today was a shit day, not a surprise, minimal sleep after all the fireworks that my dogs love, ha! So it is what it is, got a decent little pump, pretty happy with the week of workouts though.

Weight is 197.4 with blocky, watery, and bloated. But am stoked to see that number after a week of good food and beer and not focusing on dietary stuff. All in all, happy with everything except today, ha.


And as an aside, got a bag of turmeric, was like, “Hey, I’ll just throw it in my protein shake post workout, good way to get a ‘super spice’ in, eh?” Oh lord I did not expect that flavor…chocolate protein and turmeric powder do not mix well… hoo boy.


You didn’t give it the sniff test at all eh? That should’ve told you all you needed to know haha.


That was pretty rough to get down…not gonna lie…I really want to use it frequently as I think it’ll spur some additional recovery…but boy…we’ll see how tough I am haha


I have some turmeric pills I take when I remember, but the straight spice seems pretty rugged given the amount that needs to be taken.


Yep, that’s what I am! Rugged! :joy:
I used ~5g in my shake today. What’s the recommended amount for any kind of actual value? I simply haven’t looked into it, just came by a free bag.


No clue tbh haha. My bottle says 1 pill is a serving size so that’s what I take. Not sure if it even does anything other than placebo!

The biotest curcumin tablets have 500mg in each capsule, FWIW.


Yeah, started digging around… I am slightly worried though, apparently if I take enough of it on a regular basis I will literally turn into some unstoppable force of nature, lordy help us all when that happens!



Weight: 199.2


Incline Walk
10% Grade x +20lbs x 2.7mph x 20 minutes

50 weighted Sit Ups
Band Pull Aparts
Various Banded Pulls and Presses
Stretch a bit
…and done.

Weight…there it is, the delayed bloat, ha. Not unexpected with how I’ve slept (or haven’t) the last two nights. Water push today, get some sunshine, catch up on some sleep, that’s the agenda for today after work.



Work Up To:
5 x 255
11 x 195

Various other chest related things.


Weight: 197.0

8 x 135
5 x 225
5 x 315
8 x 415
12 x 315

NG T-Bar Row
4-5 sets x 8-15 reps x 70-115lbs

Lat Pulldown (w/ ropes)
4-5 sets x 15 reps x 120-150lbs

Straight Arm Pushdown
3 x 12 x 100

WG Pullups
2 x 5 x +25
2 x 5 x BW

5 sets x 8-12 reps x 25-45lbs

Better day than expected, pager went off quite a few times last night due to lightning fires and ambulance calls, so wasn’t sure where I’d end up today, to be quite honest. The 415 x 8 actually felt pretty dang good, maybe had a shitty grinder left in me, but I ain’t about that life, ha. The 315 x 12 sucked…I wanted 15, but form started breaking down.

Weight: Way better than expected, I feel bloated and watery as all hell, but came in about 5lbs lower than I truly expected, so that’s definitely a win. I’m at that point though, where I’m so used to sitting at a solid 195-196 that when it pushes up a couple pounds I can ‘feel’ the difference. Only problem is that when I ‘feel’ it, it’s all jowly and floppy in my mind haha and it ends up frustrating me immensely.



Weight: 197.4

5 x 95
5 x 115
5 x 135
3 x 155
4 x 170 (failed 5 at the nose)
14 x 115

Rear Delt Row/Raise
4 x 12 x 30

Tricep Extension
5 x 8-12 x 70-120

Lateral Raises
JM Press (name? something?)
3D Band High Pulls
BTN Press
3 x 10/8/10 x 65/85/65

Front Raise
2 x 12 x 25

Meh. Expected more, I notice that when my shoulders fatigue it’s a hard wall, and there isn’t another rep there, period, ha. Ah well, matched the 165 x 4 with 5 more pounds, so that’s there. Beat my last mark of 13 at 115.

Weight is the same but I feel much less bloated and watery, maybe I just found anabolic/half-natty lighting to look at myself in, haha.



Weight: 198.6

Active Recovery

Incline 12% x 2.4-2.7mph x 20 minutes

Foam Rolling - 10 minutes

Feeder Circuit - 2 rounds of 10 reps
Tricep Fold Ins
Bicep Curls
DB Bench
Bent Over Row

Feel like I got beat in my sleep last night. Am going out of town Friday morning, am supposed to squat tomorrow, but will honestly probably just take 4 days fully off (first time in a minute.)



Weight: 195.4

3 x 10 x 45
2 x 8 x 135
5 x 185
5 x 225
3 x 275
9 x 315
10 x 225
15 x 135

3 (or 4?) x 8 x 100lbers

RDL in Smith
3 x 10 x 95 (+some bands)

Felt good waking up, so worked up to the semi planned weight. Lower back was still fatigued from the week and could definitely feel it on reps 8 and 9, just folded in half, I really need to start emphasizing my hamstrings and lower back, thinking about throwing in a couple sets on my press days as they both come after my deadlift day and there is a rest day between OHP and Squat, typically. Man…it’s crazy when it just ‘clicks’ and you’re like, “Oh…that’s what people mean when they say they figured out their weak points.” If I want to drive my squat and deadlift up, I need to start doing GHR, back extensions, and direct hamstring work, ugh…is this what training rather than working out is like? Haha.

Edit: Emphasized the descent on squats and engaging my hamstrings…fk me, I can feel them already.

Weight: Not surprised, was super busy yesterday so missed a normal eating time for me in the afternoon, plus a little dehydration. Ah, well, 3 full days off with good food coming up.



Weight: 198.8

8 x 135
5 x 185
5 x 205
5 x 225
3 x 245
5 x 255
12 x 195

5 x 8 x +35
1 x 15 x BW

3 x 12 x 50

WG Pull Ups
5 x 5 x BW
Low Point Cable Fly (w/ Ropes)
4 x 10-15 x 20-40

Decent day, a little out of the groove and shaky, feel recovered from Thursday’s legs, finally…that is the worst set of DOMS that I’ve had in a long, long time. Literally was feeling it all the way up through my drive yesterday, even after walking a ton around the Zoo.

Weight is solid, after a weekend of good food, a couple beers and just enjoying a little vacation to Denver, I am very happy with it.

Denver recap (besides looking for a stacked Nepali @isdatnutty) Rockies game, awesome, had great seats, it was sunny, it was everything a ball park experience should be, enjoyed the hell out of it. Ate some fancy Crepes at Crepes on Crepes (I believe that was the name), wandered around the Denver Zoo for hours, I was like a little kid, had an awesome time! Then went to The Atomic Cowboy for some Denver Biscuit Company food, that was an experience, the first piece of fried chicken that I’ve honestly liked and would have had more of. Did some nice relaxing and finished Saturday with a trip to the Zuni Street Brewery, solid summer beers, had their Wit which, I believe, was an IBU of 11 or 12, definitely an easy beer to drink too many of, ha! Will definitely be going back to check out the aquarium and more delicious food that is simply unavailable in central Wyoming, it was a nice little belated anniversary trip for the wife and I.


I wasn’t at the game, but I was right across the street taking shots! haha! Glad you two had a great time man. Denver is nice at this time of year.

All you gotta do is look for the short guy with traps that comes to his ears. That’s the easiest way to find me LOL.



Weight: 197.4

Back Pump
Lat Pulldown
5 x 20 x 100-130

NG T-Bar
5 x 10 x 45-90 (plate weight)

Meadows Row
3 x 8 x 45

Straight Arm Pushdown
4 x 12 x 70

BO Row
5 x 10 x 135
WG Pull Up
3 x 5 x BW

5-6 sets of strict and hammer x 25-45

Trap Bar Deads
2 x 10 x 230
1 x 25 x 230

Just punching the clock, not a lot of oomph today, slept decent, just wasn’t in it, I guess? Ah well, I knew I wasn’t going to pull heavy from the floor coming in, lower back is still fatigued from last week’s deadlifts (it was compounded by 12 hours of total driving right after it, ha) but it’ll be a good showing next week.

Weight is good, not real happy with composition, a little bloated, but it’ll pass, just need to rein myself in a bit.



Weight: 196.6


Incline Walk
Incline 10 x 2.5-2.7mph x 20 minutes

Back Extensions
Back Extension machine

Hoo boy, needed an easy day today, like an idiot I decided to be my own mechanic on my truck, ha. Ended up taking my stock exhaust off and putting a 4" straight pipe on it, way harder than I thought it was going to be, took me about 4.5 hours straight, underneath my truck. Yeesh, that sucked, it got done, but it was tight, it was a pain in the ass, and I’m glad that I don’t have to do it again. Love the end product though, that 4" pipe sounds great on the diesel :ok_hand:

I am sore as shit from it though, awkward angles, dragging heavy shit sideways and around, bracing awkwardly…obviously doable and all that, but my neck and abs are freakin’ killin’ me today, ha!



Weight: 199.0

Pseudo Leg Deload
2 x 5 x 45
2 x 5 x 135
5 x 185
2 x 225
1 x 275
7 x 1 x 295 (72.5%)

SSB Good Morning
5 x 10 x 95
Heel Elevated Close Stance Squat
5 x 10 x 95

Standing Calves
4 x 15 x 95

Still a bit tight and sore from working on my truck, plus played basketball games for about 45 minutes last night (first time I’ve played in years) so I figured it wasn’t gonna be much today, but it’s all good. 295 felt much heavier than it should have, that’s for sure. Had a lot of fun playing ball (I’m friends with the head varsity coach and they needed a 10th guy for their open gym and I was there anyway, so…yeah. Going to try and do that a couple times a week while it is available.) Am actually surprised at my conditioning, I hung with the varsity squat for most of both pick up games, my shot has suffered (not that I was ever a great one) but I’ve still got a decent first step, and the handles are rusty, but there, a solid ego boost, ha! (Was curious, and I wear a smart watch so I checked: Resting Heart Rate sits between 50-55 when I’m awake, 40-45 when I’m sleeping, for the minimal amount of actual cardio I do, I found it pretty cool!)

Weight: Didn’t really expect 199, but it’s all good, composition looks the same, don’t feel bloated. I think this fall I’m going to focus on adding a few calories (one full meal mid-morning) through the fall and into the winter and attempt to add some quality weight, it is mildly terrifying as a former fat kid…but I think it’s time.



Weight: 196.8


5 x 115
5 x 135
1 x 155
5 x 175 (tied most)
Joker Sets
1 x 185 (easy peasy lemon squeezy)
1 x 195 (easy(ish) peasy lemon squeezy)
0 x 215 (so, so close)

5 x 5 x 135
5 x 15 x Red

Rear Delts
5 x 15 x 25

Giant Set:
Tricep Extension
5 x 8…20 x 80/100/120/150/100
Plate Raise
5 x 10 x 35
Lateral Raise
5 x 10 x 25

Felt like trash waking up, but everything moved really, really well. 185 and 195 moved like butter today, 205 was definitely there, but went for broke and wanted to set a new PR at 215 (I can almost taste that 225 OHP). I had a great pump, and a great lift, two full days at the in laws to “re-feed” and away we go again! Chee-hoo!

Weight is good, body comp is (less) good, just feeling not quite as tight as I should at this weight…not sure what it is.


That was close. I rekon you could have grinded that out.