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Despade: Journey to Strong(ish?)


I haven’t done seated OHP in a while, but when I tried it out it was awful feeling. Not my cup-o-joe.


Yeah…I used to really like them, I think. I really like seated DB (probably due to the more natural pattern) but that straight bar…not cool.



Weight: 197.6, 198.2

2 x 10 x 45
2 x 5 x 135
5 x 205
3 x 245
10 x 285
SSB Widowmaker:
20 x 225

10 x 135
3 x 8 x 225
20 x 135

Heel Elevated Close Stance Squat (Paul Carter)
1 x 10 x 45
2 x 10 x 95

Standing Calves
6 x 15 x 95

Best squat day I’ve had in quite awhile, didn’t necessarily feel any better coming in, just had to tell myself to suck it up, little angry self talk seemed to do the trick today. The squat sets moved alright, need to get used to that straight bar stuff again, but Mark’s advice with the wrist is paying off and I can focus on moving the weight and not my hand cramping in pain. The SSB Widowmaker set was more brutal than I expected (not sure how I convinced myself it wasn’t going to suck…) the last 8 or so turned into breathing squats, and that’s the closest I’ve been to throwing up in a very long time (wasn’t dry heaving or anything, but I think if I had grunted another 1-2 out or tried to hit 25, something definitely would’ve tried to come up.)

Weight: Not bad, eating a bit more than usual the last few days, composition is still good, noticing some solid changes in my quads (a bit more sweep and ‘overhang’ to the outside over my knee…you know what I’m talking about, the part of the quad that once it is developed makes it look like you squat?) Under 200 with current level of leanness is very maintainable and I like the look of it (I say that because I don’t want to suffer, probably haha)

All in all a damn good day for legs, and I haven’t gotten to say that for quite awhile.

SSB Widowmaker got me like:


Some nice squating there man. How was that 20 repper? Some good OH press numbers then other day too. Quality work up in here; I shall be following.


Much appreciated! Glad to have ya along, trying to catch some of the big boys around here, ha!


I know how you feel, there is plenty of boys pushing hard. I’m not sure I’ll catch the big boys but as long as my numbers keep going up as I get older then I’ll be happy.


Please tell me those weights are in lbs not kg. Either way nice work…if kg simply amazing


My man…if only *stares wistfully into distance :joy:



Weight: 199.2

Chest Sausage Factory
Straight Bar Bench
2 x 8 x 185
2 x 5 x 225
1 x 7 x 245 (+2)

Football Bar (Middle Grip)
10 x 110
2 x 10 x 165
2 x 8 x 205
2 x 8 x 185
1 x 15 x 110
WG Pull Up
5 x 5 x BW

Low Incline Fly
2 x 10 x 25
Fold Ins
2 x 10 x 25
1 x 15 x BW
1 x 10 x BW

Low Point Cable Fly (w/ ropes)
4 x 10-12 x 30-40
Skull Crushers
4 x 8-15 x 85-105

Tricep Extensions
4 x 12-15 x 60-80
Face Pulls
4 x 12 x 100-120

A good day, much improved performance over last bench day, felt a solid pump, felt good about the weight moved, feel healthy. Coming off of a weekend of camping at the lake I expected to have a bit of a slump due to not such great sleep (it stormed both nights terribly), but woke up ready to hit it.

Weight: Up a bit, fully expected after a weekend of relaxing in the sun and eatin’ thick (also a stack of homemade chocolate chip cookies last night haha) but composition is solid (I think.)


Loaded a bit messed up. But feel as though I’ve gotten slightly thicker since whenever the last photo update was, like I said, feel good about composition, lean(ish?) but far from shredded haha trying to get the same lighting/mirror in each accountability shot (do we even care about legs, I mean…come on…)


Jeezzz you guys are ripped in comparison to my fat old azzz


We’re all just out here tryin’ not to let our inner fat kid win haha


That’s looking damn solid.


Much appreciated! Yeah, I feel like I’m a ‘mostly’ solid 200lbs haha and this is the realm where I feel like I can play with my calories enough to continue making strength gains while remaining lean.


Looking good in here!


Much appreciated, feeling good! Just in time for summer, ha!


Damn Despade, looking lean and thick.
Yeah you can walk the beach like a lion :slight_smile:



Weight: 198.0

Day of the Deadlift
10 x 135
5 x 225
5 x 315
3 x 365
8 x 405 (~80% 1rm)

WG Pull Up
3 x 5 x +25
2 x 5 x BW

NG T-Bar Row (plate weight only)
5 x 10 x 90
NG T-Bar Row
5 x 10 x 90
TB Shrug
5 x 15 x 140

Lat Pulldown (w/ ropes)
4 x 15 x 150

5-7 sets x 6-12 reps x 25-45lbs

Plate Raise
2 x 12 x 35

A very good day, wasn’t sure what to expect from conventional deadlifting at this point, but boy, once I knocked the rust off at 365 (which felt heavy as shit) the 405 moved pretty dang well (came forward a bit at times, need to get back in the groove for sure). Happy with today, the ‘death by volume’ 10 x 10 with the neutral grip was solid, really liked that as the chase for the deadlift and pull ups.

Weight is there, a bit bloated from homemade pizza last night, but it’ll go away with a water push today.

All in all, a pretty dang good day :ok_hand:


See! All up in here jackin’ up my confidence haha Thanks, Mort!



Weight: 196.8

Off/Active Recovery

20 Minute Walk
Incline 12-15% x +25lbs x 2.7-3.0mph

Giant Set: 2 rounds of 10 reps +25/2 rounds at BW
Ab Wheel Rollout
Standing Calves
Shoulder pre/re-hab stuff

Superset: 3 x 10
GHR +orange band
Decline Sit ups

Had a good sweat going, upper back is good and sore from pulling yesterday, tried to get some blood flow into it. That band on the GHR was pretty awesome, felt it working in my hamstrings and glutes much more than I normally do (seems like I usually just end up doing a back extension) will attempt to keep that in rotation.