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Despade: Journey to Strong(ish?)



Weight: 197.4

Back/Trap Bar

10 x 140
5 x 230
5 x 320
5 x 410
Plus Set x 470 (5 total)

Boring But Big SSB
5 x 10 x 195
T-Bar Row (plate weight only)
2 x 10 x 90
1 x 10 x 135
2 x 10 x 90

WG Pullups
2 x 5 x BW
1 x 8 x BW
2 x 10 x 100
1 x 12 x 100

Bent Over Row (in Smith Machine)
3 x 12 x 95
Hammer Curl
3 x 8 x 40

This was a deceptively short looking workout, the 410 was rough, and the 470 was definitely a test, next week it’ll be a back pump workout, no pulling from the floor. The SSB/T-Bar combo was brutal, upped the squats by 10lbs and they felt tight and grooved (first time in awhile squatting in my Romaleos) so that was awesome, but I was definitely sucking wind.

Weight is definitely back to where I want it to be, and bloat is totally gone, can see abs over my belt when I brace, not just flab haha (#winning)

Notes: No heavy pulling from the floor next week. Rest Times: I don’t track, but I keep them short, I “average” 3 lifts per song (most of my lifts don’t take more than 40-50 minutes), am pretty happy with my lifting conditioning, and am actively working on my lower intensity stuff, the daily walks with the dogs and KB are going to go a long ways for me, I think.



Weight: 198.2

Incline Treadmill
Incline 10 x 3.0-3.7mph x 20 minutes

5 x 15
5 x 15

Hip is bugging me, not sure why, just feels “loose”, doesn’t impede any of my movements, no sharp pains when I squat or walk, just uncomfortable, so I didn’t add weight to my walk today. Chest sausage tomorrow morning, looking forward to it.


Chest sausage?


Ha, yeah…just chest day, I think I’m hilarious, sometimes people disagree


Just confused, never heard chest day referred to that way! Different strokes for different folks and all that.
At least I know what you are referring to now, lol.
Enjoy chest sausaging tomorrow!


hahaha I looked at it, what?? and then the moment after, smile ahh chest day :slight_smile:



Weight: 198.2 (post breakfast and workout)


DB Bench
5 x 70
5 x 80
5 x 90
8, 5, 4 x 100s

Low incline DB
5 x 10 x 60
Tricep extensions
5 x 10 x 100

4 x 15
4 x 10

Tri fold ins
3 x 10 x 25, 30, 35
Pec deck
2 x 10 x 80

Pull ups

A fair day, 100s didn’t move real well, but got some quality reps in with them. Decent pump. Pretty focused day.

Weight is good. Feel tight and strong, not a lot of extra, even in the areas I carry it (not close to shredded by any means, but it’s all relative haha)

Edit: 30 minute walk with 20lb pack.



Weight: 200.4


Edit: Still SSB
2 x 5 x 135
5 x 225
3 x 245
2 x 275
8 x 295

5 x 10 x 300

Giant Set:
Hack Squat
3 x 20 x 180
Standing Calves
3 x 15 x 70
RDL w/ DBs
3 x 8 x 100s

A decent day, squats felt heavy, deads felt light, meh. Getting better at pushing myself past where I want to stop on squats and deads, this is good. Think I need to mentally prepare myself better, more in the moment, less thinking.

Weight is a bit higher than I expected when looking in the mirror…expected about 197 due to perceived tightness in my midsection…interesting.

Hip feels much better, think it was just the walking with the extra weight and the dogs careening off to greet other dogs, chase leaves, and smell hydrants that kind of bugged it, just had to get used to the “non-linear” walking that my pets have, haha.


We recently got a second dog. She’s lovely, but at 16 months old her previous owners never taught her to walk on a leash. She’s also a big girl, being part Irish wolfhound and I think she’s sitting around 75 to 85 lbs, so when she takes off you definitely feel it. I was getting proper back pumps from pulling her back.

TL;DR got a special leash called the Cujo: it’s about two feet long, has a handle much like the ones we use for cable crossovers and the middle of the leash itself is a big bit of bungee cord. It absorbs probably 80 per cent of the force when Charlie launches.



Weight: 203.0


Seated DB OHP
2 x 20 x 25
5 x 55
3 x 70
6, 4 x 80

Seated DB OHP
5 x 10 x 55
Pull Ups
5 x 5 x BW

Rear Delt Row/Raise
3 x 10 x 40
Dropset 1 x 10/10/10 x 40/30/20

Single Arm OHP
2 x 10/10/10 x 40/30/20

6-8 Tricep movements

Heavy Cross Body Hammer Curls
2 x 8 x 50
1 x 12 x 50

Had more in there I think, simply drawing a blank at the moment, overall a great pump, not a great strength day, going to drop to 70s next week and get some quality sub-max reps in, see if I can get over this hump.

Weight: Fluctuated up, not what I expected, still feel really good about body comp, think I may be holding onto some water due to a ton of salt last night with dinner (elk tacos), see if we can’t get that flushed out today.

35 minute walk yesterday (4/16) w/ my 20lb pack, 70 and sunny, wore a muscle shirt, no catcalls…disappointment…

Edit: 35 minute leisurely bike. 35 minutes x resistance 6 x over 10mph



Weight: 201.8

Cardi…oh, no.

Weighted Vest Walk
20 minutes x 45lbs x 3.0mph x 10 incline

6-8 sets x 12-15
6-8 sets x 12-15

Good sweat, feel tight, “rest” days suck. Back Pump workout tomorrow, chasin’ it.



Weight: 200.4

Back Pump

Snatch Grip Deadlifts
3 x 8 x 225
Front Squat
3 x 5 x 135

Trap Bar Row
5 x 10-12 x 100
WG Pull Up
5 x 5-8 x BW

Single Arm DB Row
3 x 10 x 100
1 x 25 x 100

Smith Machine Row/Upright Row
3 x 12 x 135

Straight Arm Lat Pulldown
4 x 12 x 80-100
DB Hammer Curl
4 x 8-10 x 50

Low Row
3 x 15 x 100
High Pull
3 x 15 x 100

Pulled from the floor very light with various grips and widths, just to see how a conventional deadlift felt, felt good, felt strong, but stayed true to my plan of chasing the pump and didn’t go off half-cocked and push the weight up. Not sure how much longer I’m going to leave the TBDL in before heading back to conventional, will play it by ear. Wanted to squat a little, so FS it was (simply due to ease of access, wasn’t about any hassle this morning.)

Weight isn’t great, slightly bloated (severe lack of sleep) probably got 4 quality hours in total, feel decent headspace wise, not so hot bloat wise, ha. Tomorrow is cardio, and then shoulders on Saturday unless I get a wild hair and do OHP tomorrow and heavy duty legs Saturday (just to get folks 'mirin, haha) we’ll see where the motivation meter is sitting.


Do you really think lack of sleep= bloat?


I do, I average about 5 1/2- 6 1/2 hours of sleep a night, if I drop below that I tend to wake up soft and slightly bloated, just feel like my body isn’t running and shedding stuff as efficiently as normal (with a disclaimer that it could all be in my head due to sleep deprivation, ha!)


Interesting. Well I get a lot more sleep then you do, so I will have to monitor this bloat/sleep connection!!!


Sleep deprivation raises cortisol and that can cause inflammation and bloat. So I’ve read. Somewhere.

Sleep rocks!


That sounds smart, @littlelee, listen to him, he sounds like he knows what he’s talking about haha




No arguement here boys!


Nah, I’m the same. Too little sleep and I look way more bloated than otherwise.