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Despade: Journey to Strong(ish?)


Weight: 205.0

Warm Up
Dimmels 2 x 15 x 135
NG T-Bar 2 x 20
DB Bench 2 x 20 x 25

2 x 8 x 135
5 x 225
5 x 315
1 x 365
18 x 375 (straps/belt)
Deficit Deads (~1")
3 x 5 x 315 (mixed grip)

NG T-Bar
3 x 20

Hammer Curls
Some x Some

WG Pull Ups
4 x 5

Banded Stuff

Decent day, shit that 375 sucked, ha. I haven’t genuinely wanted to puke from a workout in a very long time, and I thought I may turn my insides into outsides in short order, my ‘taper’ definitely affected my lift today, whatever, we’re back at it, and I started my week how it should be started, with deadlifts, ha. And it was a small rep PR, I believe +2-3, maybe?

Notes: Added oatmeal + protein pre lift, we’ll see how this works moving forward, as it is now gaining season and I figure if/when I pull the trigger on Panora’s programming, I’m gonna need the extra cals to move some weight and not be an utter disappointment :joy:

Notes: Feels good to be thinking about a ‘direction’ for my training again, I don’t need it by any means, I simply enjoy training, but I’ve also written down some pretty lofty goals for myself, lifting wise, and I think the best (and most economical) chance I’ve got is with some actual guidance and coaching.

Edit: Also, first foray into smoking food, absolutely butchered the chicken (rubbery and no done internally) this is gonna take some finesse and some extra attempts. Straight killed it with some burgers though, smoked em for 2 hours with a blended set of pellets, frickin turned out great, a little different consistency than I’m used to, but man were they pretty comin’ off that bad boy!

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in for the food porn… Need pics man!!

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Weight: 206.8

15 x 135
5 x 185
3 x 225
4 x 6 x 235
3 x 1 x 255 (supposed to be slingshot reps 4 x 3, but slingshot won’t be here til tonight, so this is what I did, instead)

Incline DB
4 x 8, 8, 8, 6 x 90

Decline Rolling Triceps
3 x 10 x 55

4 x 10-12 x BW
NG Pull Ups
4 x 5 x BW

Decent day, the 4 sets were tough, but moved well, except the very last rep, I dive bombed my chest (usually I’m very controlled) and damn near missed it haha until I pull the trigger on Team Panora, I’m going to just continue with 5/3/1 and will be doing Mark Bell’s Bigger Bench, simply to kill time (I’m loathe to use ‘family money’ to buy something that I don’t technically need, so I’m simply waiting on birthday money from family, ha!) and I bought a Slingshot and wanted to dink around with it a bit, although thinking about it, I really don’t need it, as I’m weak off my chest, and not through my lock out, but…$60 for something I’ll be able to throw in my gym bag in case of injury…I dunno…I may end up returning it, it was a poor, spur of the moment decision, I’m thinking.

Weight: Jesus haha I even think about adding calories in and BAM we’re ballooning, fkn hell. Ah well, like I said, shirtless season is over, looking down the barrel of some tough training (Yeah, I’ve seen Markko’s log and if he says it’s tough, I’m probably fked :joy:) so I’ll justify those extra pounds real easy.



Weight: 207.0

Sled Work/LISS

20 minutes of hard sled work

20 minutes x 10% Incline x 2.8mph x BW

Feelin’ a little scratch in my sinuses, but today was fine, sled work fkn sucked, got right into the lungs and quads. Good shit.

Tomorrow is legs, probably dynamic effort cambered stuff, just kind of killin time until I pull the trigger on Panora (probably end of this month).

Feeling thick and strong at the moment (you know, until I look at anyone else’s log on here haha)

Weight isn’t great, I’ve loosened my morning restrictions from just shakes (usually 2 shakes before noon, then eat normally after 1) to eating some extra calories prior to training and again after (probably an additional 400-500 calories).



Weight: 204.4

Dynamic Squat
SSB to 12" + 4" foam
3 x 135 + double purple/double black bands
8 x 3 x 185 + double purple/double black

Cambered Bar GM
5 x 8 x 130/150

Leg Press
4 x 15 x 200
Banded RDL
3 x 10 x 75 + double black

Minimal sleep, don’t feel great, whatever. The DE work was ~55% of my SSB Max, it moved alright, definitely felt it, got a good sweat going, finally figured out a decent set up for the bands, felt pretty good without being overly taxing, I guess, probably means I’m doing it wrong haha

Weight is decent, better than I expected, I expect to be 210 in less than 2 weeks.



Weight: 203.8

MB Bench Effort
5 x 5 x 235
4 x 3 x 255 (w/ slingshot)

Incline DB
4 x 8, 8, 6, 5 x 95

Rolling DB Triceps
4 x 10 x 60

Banded Tricep Extension
3 x 50 x Black/Orange, Black

NG Pull Ups
3 x 5 x BW

A pretty good day, bench feels fairly heavy, but the work got done, I wasn’t sure what to expect with the Slingshot, but 255 still felt fairly heavy, ha, but it allowed me to pause and blow out of the bottom.

Weight is pretty good, better than expected.



Weight: 205.2 (much, much better than expected)

2 x 8 x 135
5 x 225
5 x 315
5 x 365
15 x 395 (straps, belt)

Deficit Deads (~1-1.5")
2 x 5 x 315
1 x 15 x 315 (mixed, no belt)

DB Row
2 x 15 x 100

Banded Back Pull
3 x 20 x Purple + Green

Hammer Curls

Pretty good day, had a surprise party Saturday, didn’t drink much, but ate a literal ton of food, ha, coming in at sub 210 would have been a win, being 205…? Well, shit! ha!

Deads moved really well today, 395 drifted out in front of me the last couple reps, so I shut it down at 15, figured I’d make up for it in the FSL from the deficit, and I did. The 315 x 15 beltless and strapless moved really well, like, scary well. Didn’t feel like doing much after the deads, so I didn’t, gonna pull the trigger on Panora tonight, probably, gotta deposit the birthday loot :joy:

Notes: Saturday workout was a straight back pump, didn’t touch a bar, just machine work for high reps, no DOMS, solid pump, not taxing on the system, I think that set me up for success today.

Nice, joining @MarkKO on #TeamPanora!
I see Panora just posted a “How to navigate my shitty website” on his Instagram, if you need a hand with that lol.


I DO thank you! Ha!

Hey D I’ve been MIA in here for quite a while.
Nice lifting, sorry that the Mock meet didn’t go down.
Gonna be “fun” to see you and Mark on Team Panora, you’re in for a hard time I think.

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I’m after @MarkKO 's total :wink:


Just submitted the payment and been digging around in Panora’s training and the 5th set stuff, looks solid (like I’d know :joy:) I’m excited because it actually lines up alright with what I’ve been doing, bench workout tomorrow @MarkKO any tips or tricks for survival? Most of the workouts look normal, assume the huge frickin sets are gonna suck. Are you supposed to miss any prescribed reps?

NO - they’re Rx for a reason you slouch… now pick up your gym bag and water bottle and get to work. =)

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Fuck yes! Welcome. Make sure he adds you to the Facebook group. There are pinned posts that explain everything really well.

No, don’t miss reps. Just eat and sleep as much as you can. The first month or two will feel like everything is too easy and light. Also, don’t trust the app numbers. Anything that’s a percentage is based on your main lift which the app usually forgets, so just do the calculations yourself.

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I see you’ve met the team…

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Haha my kind of place. Read through all the pinned stuff. Makes sense. Simple. Should be a good year of training!

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It should. If in doubt, round your percentages down. Also be wary of extra conditioning beyond walking and swimming. The work adds up quickly.

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This is very exciting news. Cant wait to see how you go with the training.

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Weight: 207.2

Day 1: Panora Bench
4 x 1 x 240
1 x 3 x 240
1 x 9 x 240 (AFSAP)

Incline BB Bench
3 x 5 x 205

Push Ups
2 x 25

DB Row
4 x 12 x 100

Lateral Raise
2 x 15 x 30

Rear Delt
2 x 15 x 25

App says 65 minutes, but I was inputting percentages and what not about 10-15 minutes early, closer to 45 minutes. I struggle to rest between sets, I just go when I’m ready, tends to be under a minute, I’m sure that’ll change as things get heavier. Today felt very good, part of it was being excited for a new training template, part of it was I actually only had to get up once with the girls last night, I had two (fkn count 'em!) two 3 hour chunks of sleep…eat your hearts out :joy:

Weight: Caught a bit of bloat from something (probably the 7 veggies I had yesterday) but it’ll come back down.

Notes: I was asking before I was able to read through the set up, everything makes sense, there is no ‘missing’ reps, you just don’t get it done in one set, ha. I’m gonna enjoy this, I think.


Have you watched the technique videos yet?