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Designing Smolov: DLs & OHP?

Hey guys,

Trying to plan a 3 week strength cycle (I will be out of the gym for 8 days for travel in Inner Mongolia). I figure serious overtraining would be ideal prior to my time away from the gym. I just finished Smolov Base for Squats & Bench at the same time, running for 5 weeks (first 3 as scheduled, add 10 pounds for weeks 4 & 5). New stats:

Weight: 157
Squat: 275
Bench: 250
Deadlift: 330
OHP: Probs ~150 (no max)

I know my strength levels probably don’t warrant Smolov, but I box in college, and will have to start cutting in about a month, so I want to get everything I can out of my last stint of strength gaining. I feel that starting a Texas Method (or equivalent) would have limited benefit if the duration is restricted to 3 weeks.

1st idea: Would a Smolov Jr. Deadlift & OHP cycle (simultaneous; 3 weeks of base) be beneficial for strength and muscle gains?

2nd idea: a mutation of 5x5 for squat (3x a week; Texas style?) with smolov jr. OHP

3rd idea: 5x5 for squat (3x a week; Texas style?), non-squat day for heavy deads, & bench/OHP alternating

4th idea: Smolov Jr. Deadlift + bench/OHP alternating

One of my main concerns is that after deadlifts, my lats/upper body may be too fried to OHP well. Any validity to this? Also, I’m concerned that by focusing on deadlifts/OHP, my squat/bench will suffer, while the inverse seems not to be the case.

Any thoughts/suggestions/feedback would be greatly appreciated.

First, I would look through some of the Smolov threads on here and see what others have done. You can use the search function to look for Smolov Jr. threads and get some ideas.