Designing My Own Program

Well, I’ve been working on crafting my own program for about a week now. I’ve been referencing the set/rep bible along with locked and loaded to come up with a hypertrophy-strength program, but really focusing on the hypertrophy aspect.

Well, I’ve got a set/rep scheme down, but I was wondering the best way to split up the parts. Should I dedicate a day to each body part (chest,back,triceps,biceps,legs) or should I do a chest/back split and then hit legs twice a week? I hope to hit legs twice a week regardless, that way I can do both front and back squats along with deadlifts.


Read Ian Kings Get Buffed I-III and Ians Designing workout programs book.

Do an 8-day high-low sequence.

Day 1- Upper
Day 2- Off/Recovery Methods
Day 3- Lower
Day 4- Off/Recovery Methods
Day 5- Upper
Day 6- Off/Recovery Methods
Day 7- Lower
Day 8- Off/Recovery Methods

Or you could just go

Week 1
Monday- Upper
Tuesday- Off
Wednesday- Lower
Thursday- Off
Friday- Upper
Week 2
Monday- Lower
Tuesday- Off
Wednesday- Upper
Thursday- Off
Friday- Lower

Or go something like:
Monday- Upper
Tuesay- Lower
Wednesday- Off
Thursday- Upper
Friday- Off
Saturday- Lower
Sunday Off