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Designing a Very Brief Workout

Right now I cannot afford more than two serious strength training workouts in my weekly routine. That's why I'm trying to add a very short training session(strength oriented GPP workout, circuit with weight or whatever) that would not interfere with the rest of my program.

This workout would take place just before
my mma training session. I don’t want it to be very taxing, especially on the chest(because I’m forced to do tons of push ups in my boxing and Judo Classes), I just want to stay strong while doing plenty of combat sports and conditioning.

It should not be longer than 20 minutes. In fact 15 minutes would be a perfect duration.

So, here are my personal ideas:

  • Barbell or Dumbell complexes(dumbells would allow me to perform walking lunges farmer walks and hammer curls)

  • A short duration olympic lifting session, because it trains the whole body.

  • Ladders(pull ups, dips and chin ups)

-Body Weight stuff: Handstand push ups, pistols, core training.

-A short circuit.

Ross Enamit’s Magic 50: rosstraining.com/articles/themagic50.html

What are your ideas?

Here is the rest of my strength training program:


Power Clean
Back Squat
Bench or close grip Bench or DB bench
Weighted Dips
Push Press
Weighted Pull ups
Barbell Curl


Overhead Squats or Waking Lunges
Incline Bench
Weighted Chins
Hammer Curl
Farmer Walk

I tried to make it compact and productive.

Conditioning is my main concern, but I want to maintain my strength level.

I am 20 years old, 6’1 and 200lbs. My pics are outdated I am a little bit bigger now.

Thanks a lot for your advice!

Hell IMO if your training MMA consistantly and doing some conditioning out side a bit along with those weight session, as long as Your BRINGING IT in the weights. then I wouldnt add a thing Prior to your MMA training. Id come into it fresh and give it your all.

If need be if condition is a problem AFTER you train o drag a sled, swing a sldge hammer etc for a bit.

i just dont feel pre-exhasuting prior to your skills training and dong tons of pushups is a great option. That and those two weight session you have if done Heavy and given attention should be great at giving/maintaining strenght along side serious MMA training.

Just my take,


This mma training session is a little bit special, it is not a class with a certified instructor. We are a group of buddies who are interested in mma and we spar and train for an hour or more. Of course I would not do it just before my thai boxing or judo course.