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Designing a Program for a Tennis Player?

My cousin aged 34 told me that lately he doesn’t feel strong about his tennis condition. I am not surprised since he rarely lifted weights. I did a course for a “level 1 personal trainer” here and it sucked. A lot. Seriously. They were teaching us that the correct way to bench press is to put your legs in the air (known as the dead coakroach press), that normal people should do squats in a Smith machine and that should not squat past 90 degrees. They also said that 1RM on the leg press equals 1 RM on the squat. Do I need to go further? All this crap because of a stupid paper you need to work in a gym. They DID NOT MENTION THE DEADLIFT! Blasphemy! The amount of crap I was forced to listen there was just too much so I killed them all with a 45 pound plate.

I was thinking getting him through Eric Cressey’s “Maximum Strength” program (from the book).

What are the important things I should be aware of, trying to make him train? The one sure thing that it comes to mind is posterior chain, glute activation drills, improving him mobility and such.

Any help would be much appreciated.

I would worry more about agility and speed than weights alone. However, focus on single leg stuff as well as cable woodchops for the program.

I think Cressey’s book would probably suit your cousin just fine.

Posterior chain, keeping the external rotators healthy and strong, rotational strength and as gainera said single leg stuff. Try ws4sb

Tennis huh? lol.

I’ve played professional tennis nearly 10 years ago and trained both ameture and professional players. Give me a little more detail about your friends level of tennis and I can help you out.