Designing a Deadlift Specific Program


A year ago or so I got bored with squatting (had just squatted 405) and started focusing more on bodybuilding stuff.The past 4 months I focused on lunges and reached a 225 lbs x 10,but keep doing these heavy is an injury waiting to happen

So long story short,I wanna focus on getting a 6 plate pull(have pulled up to 440 beltless thus far) but do not care about squatting at all.So it makes more sense to me to deadlift twice per week.How do I program twice per week deadlifting without my leg strength being the limiting factor at some point?Anyone done something similar?

Thanks in advance :smiley:

Some stats
Age : 24
Training exp : 4 years
Weight : 200 lbs,abs have started becoming visible
Goals : Being strong on some lifts,looking big for the bros,lean for the gals

I think you should go read my log and specifically read my training from early 2016 through summer 2017.

It’s not the only or even necessarily the best way to do this, but it sounds like I did something a lot like what you’re trying to do.

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I had luck with regular heavy work on Monday using conventional style and then doing snatch grip deads on Thursdays.

I followed the 5/3/1 Training Maximally approach for each workout. The snatch grip limited the weight I could use so it was like doing a light day for a second workout.

But the guy above me used a very simple approach and pulls much more than me. I think you should look at his log.