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Designer's Glycerlean

What do you guys/gals think? I’ve always used their regular Whey with great results. This new stuff is time released and has a whole lot of other good stuff in it too. I am at work right now so I can’t name the specific ingredients something like zin-mag and glycerlean along with a list of BCAAs. Does anyone have more solid info on this product?

I don’t have any clue how you could time release whey but then again i’m not a chemist. It sounds too good to be true! But then again why would you want to time release a whey when it is used for post workout times.

It has slow release proteins as well as rapidly absorbed ones. This does sound too good to be true, but I trust this company. They do sell a helluv’a lot of protein and have a good reputation. It also says on the bottle that it is patented or patent pending.
There is one draws back its kinda expensive. Reg.-Designer Protein 31.00 this stuff is 42.00. I just wish some other people had an opinion on this.

James that has been discussed here before. Save your money bro. Can’t time release protein, not yet anyway. Grow mixed with lowfat cottage cheese is better. Tastey as well. Designer is crap.

Designer is high priced crap at that !!!..tastes like shit too, all their flavors taste like crap !!.. and if their protien is so good, why is it that you only get 17.5g per 25g. serving ??? (hint: fillers and bullshit)

If you guys would read the label: Designer claims that they have increased the size of the whey moloecules so that they are more slowly absorbed by the intestinal tract. It makes sense to me. I’ve tried Glycerlean and I loved it. Tasted great. Only neg. was the water weight from the glycerin. Don’t just bypass a supp. if it does not say Biotest on it. There are in fact a few other select companies.

Yea, I know its been discussed here before. I was just hoping they had come up with a breakthrough and that someone here might know something about the science behind their claims. Oh well…

Ryan I’m glad you like the taste of the new stuff. At $50 Can. I can buy GROW for the same price. I prefer to spend my money on something I know is quality. I made the mistake of buying Designer chocolate a while back while I was waiting for GROW to arrive. It was the worst tasting shit I have ever used. I’ve used it in the past and I don’t remember it being that bad, YUCK! I will give them credit for being one the first to bring protein to the attention of mainstream consumers. They know how to market. So do you find Glycerlean to be useful of effective?

Wow. There was a time, and this seems SO long ago, where I thought Designer wasn’t that bad. Now, it’s a different story. Obviously, GROW, is by far a better powder. And we also use Bioplex - either their WPI or 100% Whey. Either one tastes great, mixes just fine.

I found good results from Glycerlean. I had the malted, maybe you should try that one. I love their malted bars so I ran after the powder. YET, I do beleive the results came from the glycerin and probably not the “slowWhey.” I clearly had better stamina, most likely as a result from the super water retention via the glycerin. I am no longer on it due to budget constraints as well. I do agree that GROW is hands down the best protein made. The taste is amazing. Yet, I do think Designer is on to something with enlarging whey molecules. They did in fact patent it.

Designer Protein can’t be any better the Biotest’s Surge or Grow, or even Myoplex at that. Designer is so over priced that unless you can afford it, it’s not worth it. Unless you make some really good money and afford to get robbed. I’d rather eat a couple lbs of boiled chicken than drink or eat any Designer Protein.