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Designer whey

What do you guys think of Designer whey as far as whey proteins go? Is it one of the better ones, I am trying to find a solid whey with hydrolysate in it.

My qualm with designer is that it only contains 17 grams of protein per scoop.

To my knowledge, the scoops used are also the same size as the ones used in many proteins which give you 20-25 grams of protein per scoop.

You are getting what you pay for . It is pretty cheap as far as powders go. It list whey concentrate in the ingredients also and that is most likely the most abundant source.

Phill has it exactly right. “You get what you pay for.”

My advice is stick to “Grow” which is the finest tasting, and one of the highest quality protein supplements on the market!

Another thing is that you are looking for a good whey hydro. Designer is made of concentrate and isolate.

I am in the thinking you are looking for the whey hydro for a PWO drink. If so surge contains whey hydrolysate as it’s one and only protein source.

Other than that you could order the hydro pure but it taste like shit. They did one hell of a job with the flavor of Surge. The pure stuff will actually make you sick from the taste if you dont go to some serious measures to cover up the foul taste.

Surge is also good for the fact it allready contains the carbs and such one needs PWO.


Phill is dead on here. If I were to attempt to describe the taste of pure hydrolyzed whey, I think shaving cream might be close. Don’t think you can fix the taste either; I used to add an entire package of sugar-free Kool Aid to the dextrose/hydro mix and it still tasted horrible.

Surge is already prepared for you and it tastes good; the “engineering” has already been done.

Hey, if you are hardcore and don’t mind drinking shakes that taste like lemon-extract-flavored Edge Gel, be my guest.