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Designer Whey - Expired

hello all:

My name is vaibhav, I am from India and am new to this forum.

I bought a 2 pounds box of “designer whey protein” (the one manufactured in USA) yesterday, and to my utter dismay I found that the expiry date is 14th June 2006.

Is it safe to consume this whey protein considering that it is almost one month since it expired? The box is sealed, I have not opened it yet.

I went back to the dealer, but to my surprise other boxes had no mention of expiry date. So I thought this is still safer than others. Please Help!

Thanks in Advance

I’d suggest that if you can’t get your money back, then eat it. I’d imagine that Whey would keep for a very long time. The exp date is probably just there for legal reasons (i.e everything has to have one).

yea, u did the right thing by keeping it. The expiration means that some of the ingredients May start to lose potency, albiet at a snails pace, starting shortly after the date.

Either way, its only 2 pounds. You should go threw that in a matter of a few weeks anyways.