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Designer Steroid, Only Thing Available


I have a month supply of the following stack (mixed in a pill so I can't separate anything):

17b-hydroxy-2a, 17b-dimethyl-5a-androstan-3-one-azine (Dimethazine) 22.5mg/day
4-chloro-17a-methyl-androst-1,4-diene-3-17b-diol (Hdrol) 45mg/day
2a, 17a-dimethyl-5a-androst-3-one, 17b-ol (Superdrol) 22.5mg/day
13-ethyl-3-methoxy-gona-2-5diene-17-one (Max LMG) 60mg/day
1-4-6- andostatriene-3,17 dione (ATD) 30mg/day
Milk Thistle (80% Silymarin) 150mg/day
N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine (NAC) 150mg/day

I know the top 3 are alkylated/methylated but the overall dosage per day seems to come out to about the equivalent of if just running 1 per day at normal dosages.

From what understand superdrol (and thus dimethazine) are DHT derivatives and therefore can't aromazine. Hdrol being halogenated apparently cannot either even though its a Test derivative. I do not know a ton about Max LMG. I've read ATD is similar to aromasin.

There are a few things I'm wondering. As for ancillaries/PCT I plan to buy letro, caber, arimidex and nolva to have everything on hand. I have read about a few people getting prolactin related gyno from superdrol, although I didn't think this was possible. So caber for that. Would this be recommended to run the whole time or only if symptoms appear? I originally was planning on just arimidex during and nolva for PCT but I have read some people suggest just running letro all the way from 1-2 weeks before starting until a few weeks afterwards and thats it. I have also recently seen people starting PCT with a SERM and then switching to an AI. I have read a lot of good things about this stack but am always worried about the occasional report of gyno....other sides seem to diminish if they appear at all.

I'd also like to hear any other thoughts and suggestions you guys have. I know in general designer steroids are not the best option but I have heard people say most of these are pretty solid/potent and will only be run for 25 days.




In my opinion running shitty OTC designer steroids like superdrol is asking for future kidney and liver problems. The reason these drugs are able to get past the law is because they are reject drugs that caused too many side effects when put through medical trials. And yes it can cause bitch tits, in fact I find the DHT-derivative "non aromatising" steroids cause gyno flare ups much worse than straight test.


Do you know why that is regarding the gyno? Also, any evidence that something like this would cause future kidney and liver problems any more so than any other oral? If liver enzymes and the like went back down after a month or so, as they tend to do, what would be the issue?


This site cites a number of bodybuilders who have had liver failures and other problems as a result of OTC designer steroids.

Superdrol was developed by the same company that produced Anadrol, but unlike Anadrol it was deemed as being too unsafe for use, which should tell you a little bit about it.

Are you not able to access real gear? Then you should not be using steroids. What do you think will happen to your sex drive when you take a steroid that shuts down your endogenous Test production, raises prolactin (which inhibits HPTA even worse than estrogen) and you aren't taking testosterone with it? You lose your sex drive then you crash hard. I have heard enough of S-Drol that I will never use it, and this is from a guy who has done test, tren, deca, anadrol, d-bol, clen... Pretty much any steroid you can think of. I don't fuck with any steroid that I can buy at GNC.


Really? I have never read of anyone having liver failure from SD or the like, especially on this site. The most I have read was raised liver enzymes.

As for the 2nd part. I do have PCT for the issues you brought up. I might be able to get real gear but I have no idea if it's real or not whereas at least with this I know it is.


Apparently when I made the post it edited the link I posted out. But google Superdrol +Liver Failure and you will find dozens of case studies. In some patients have died from the condition.


Also PCT drugs are overrated and not the cure-all that uninformed people on the internet make them out to be. A SERM will not fix problems caused by high prolactin. From personal experience once you have prolactin sides it can take over a year for them to resolve, even with liberal use of drugs like bromo, prami, or caber which according to the internet will treat these problems.

I know many people who have used steroids long term that feel, from looking at bloodwork and other things, that PCT does very little to actually help recover from heavy cycling.


If your gonna take a prohormone, dont buy your PCT stuff OTC...They wont do the job. But you figured that out already

friend of mine used OTC PCT after a cycle of a SD clone and complained about his nipples for weeks lol

For me 2 weeks of nolva @ 20mg was plenty, had no side effects of any kind.


Thanks, i will check that out.

As for the SERM thoughts, thats interesting, I've never heard that from anyone before about good PCT not helping much

What prohormone was it you took? Also your friend who complained for weeks, what did he take and when he stopped complaining did his nipple issues just go away?


Correct me if anything seems wrong here but I made this list

-More predictable
-Expected gains of 15-25lb (??) over cycle

-Potential for predictable (?) gyno
-Potential for bloat, hair loss, larger shut down
-Cycle lasts 8-12 weeks
-Must inject
-May be fake

Monster Plexx
-Expected gains of 10-20lb over cycle
-Only 30 days
-Just swallowing pills
-I know its legitimate
-Potential for unpredictable (?) gyno
-Potential liver issues


On the Monster Plexx side add far higher probability of sexual disfunction (which may include limp dick), longer shutdown, inferior gains, less gains retained after cycle, far higher chance of problems with blood pressure, lipids, and other forms of cardiovascular damage, increased risk of kidney damage. Chances of gyno on test are far less than with OTC designer steroids. Chances for hair loss are higher on the Monster Plexx.

If you are afraid of injections you really should not be using steroids. If you don't want to listen to anyone go do your cycle it really doesn't matter to me but I think designer steroids suck and are a waste of money.


I'm not afraid of injections, I was just pointing out that not having to do them is a "pro". I'm not sure what basis you have for saying a 30 day designer steroid cycle would cause longer shutdown than 12 weeks on Test, that gains made would not be retained as well with the DS if proper PCT was used, or why hair loss would be higher with the DS (never heard of anyone losing hair while on superdrol or mega/monster plexx). I'm not saying any of those are incorrect, just playing devils advocate here. I am definitely looking into both sides.

By the way, for the experienced guys here, as a hypothetical...I am leaning away from this option but if I did decide to take this designer steroid and start to get gyno say 2-3 weeks into this what would be the first thing suggested to try? Between caber, prami, nolva and letro. From what I understand from a estrogen standpoint letro is best to reverse it.

And if its due to progestational activity prami or caber would be best and nolva could actually make it worse. If it was just sdrol or dmz i would assume estrogen related but if its due to LMG its probably due to progesterone? I would guess prami as the first line of defense then but i'd like to hear more experienced peoples opinion on what to do if some shows up.


None of those compounds are 19-nor so I don't think you'd have any progesterone/prolactin issues.

As far as gyno, prevention is a much better approach than trying to reverse it once it's already there.


If you are susceptible to getting gyno, almost anything will cause it. if you are not, like me, almost nothing will cause it. superdrol is an outstanding lean mass builder. I believe that is what Josh Barnett tested positive for. I could be wrong. but i thought so. anyways, dymeth, is a double bonded superdrol. If you take this, make sure you get plenty of water and most important, take a good liver supplement.


If you take a decent liver supplement, you will not have any problems with your liver. don't let some people use scare tactics on you. Can it happen, yes, its possible. Im not going to say it can't happen. Can you get hit by lightning also, sure, its possible.


so 19-nor are the only types that will cause progesterone/prolactin related gyno? Someone in another forum mentioned to me that they stacked 20mg superdrol + 20mg dmz and had no issues but when they added 30mg/day of Max LMG they started getting gyno. According to this site http://prohormonedb.com/view-ingredients.asp?n=13%2Dethyl%2D3%2Dmethoxy%2Dgona%2D2%2C5%2810%29diene%2D17%2Done+%28Max+LMG%29&i=15 Max LMG is a progestin?

Also, I definitely agree with prevention rather than trying to get rid of it after its there but does that suggest a SERM should be run during the cycle? I have read that doing that could decrease the cycle's effectiveness but if I were to do that would Nolva be what should be run? A few people have mentioned that Nolva can make prolactin/progestational gyno worse.

This is what I was planning on taking for liver care
*1-2 pills per day, each pill has: CHOLINE BITARTATE 100MG+ A-L Acid 100mg + Vit E 40iu + NAC400mg + Vit B12 20mcg + Andrographi s Pani cul ate Ext 25mg + Pocrorrhi za ext 25mg + Milkthiste Blend 100mg
*3 pills per day of 1000mg milk thistle each


Lol you are a lot more likely to develop liver problems from superdrol than you are to get struck by lightning. In fact I would say that no matter what liver supplement you take your liver values will be adversely affected, how badly depends on your genetics. It's a roll of the dice.


Anyways dude if you are dead set on taking a PH go ahead because it sounds like you will not change your mind but I think it is a very bad choice and you would be better served getting some test. The PHs are for people who don't know what they are doing and can't find real shit.


From what I have read I would expect liver values to get fucked up but from what I understand that is almost always temporary. Gyno was/is my biggest concern. Having said that I see where you're coming from and definitely appreciate the advice. I am very likely to be doing Test in the future and will still be considering doing it for this time thanks to your and others' posts.