Designer Protein

I was wondering what people think of the current Designer Protein product. Forget about taste, I just mean the quality and efficicy of the protein. I can get it for pretty cheap here too. I’d really like to hear from JMB or any other T-Mag guy.

Quality and efficicy is fine…but, most are turning to protein powders that have a blend of different protein sources, not just whey. I like Advanced Protein or Pro Blend-55, but Designer if just fine. Hell, you could even mix it with some milk to get the casein with the whey.

I can get designer for 17 a bottle so I like it. I think its good quality, maybe not as good as dorian’s whey/casein, or advanced protein, but comparing servings to price and quality, I think its just as good. 40 grams of high quality is just as good as 65 of quality

I have used and have friends that use Designer Whey. They like it a lot. I only use blends now. I once got 5 pounds for slightly under $15.

I think it is grabage, low quality WPC-80 based junk. Great marketing, crappy low cost product equals nice vacation homes and early retirement. Though, that is just my 2 cents