designer protein ads

I’ve just witnessed designer protein’s credibility sink another notch. I was in a book store today and over in the magazines section, I spyed the new M&F. In it is a designer ad with the guy who tattooed designer protein on his face and on the next page is a classical before and after transformation scam. While this was done before, this time, it shows two models and their total transformation time probably took about 2 minutes for a change of clothes and the flexing of their physiques. If I hadn’t read that t-mag article on the subject, I would have actually believed it! Designer used to be good stuff too. I always mixed mine with skim milk and then one day, I started going to the bathroom…A LOT!!! Designer started giving me the ass ripping shits. I’m really sick of that company’s protein. They’ve obviously sold out and I think it’s working. Sorry to rant, but I can’t imagine how many kids bought M&F and thought that Designer is the supplement that they have to get.

Designer definently sucks. I own a nutrition store and people buy there stuff because of their adds. There are plenty of good proteins out there, give protizyme(metabolic nutrition), sci pro(scitec) Met-Rx protein +, a shot. Also there are many others including Grow. Designer recently added ZMA to their formula which generally is supposed to be taken on an empty stomach. ZMA also is not really absorbed well in the presence of calcium and guess what is in their product. Bottom line go elsewhere for your protein.

which article are u referring to?

If you ingest 600 mg of calcium, you cut the absorbtion of 20 mg of zinc by about 65%. A two scoop serving of Designer has roughly one sixth this amount of calcium. This suggests that such a serving of calcium would cut the absorbtion of 20 mg of zinc by about 10%, which is insignificant, especially if more zinc has been added to the product to compensate for this effect. As to the quality of Designer Protein, I would say it’s excellent for a pure whey-based protein (lots of protein and especially glutamine peptides), but there are better options out there (Grow!, ProPeptide, Met-Rx, Pro-50) that use casesin as their primary protein.

Mike, I know designer is cheap shit. I’ve got a sensitive stomach and the only stuff that I seem to tolerate is met-rx and protein factory. I’ve taken two scoops of designer and been on the toilet launching ass projectiles an hour later. I haven’t tried grow, propeptide, but I know that the last time I tried designer, I wasn’t doing well. I’m not sure what it is that makes cheap whey hard on my stomach. Does anyone know? Is it the milk sugars or the lactose?

gmm, Designer Protein doesn’t contain a very high percentage of whey protein (it’s well under 80%, although the new ZMAx formula may be improved). It is, however, around 99% lactose free. Do you have the same reaction when you drink a lot of milk? I know the whey from the protein factory is very pure for a concentrate, and of course Met-Rx contains only minimal amounts of whey.

No, I don’t get sick from milk. I’m not lactose intolerant, but I figured that something in cheap whey makes me sick. I’m not sure what it is. those where just my guesses as I figured that whatever is left over other than the protein was lactose or sugars or? I thought maybe whey has different components to it than milk.

gmm, 100% of whey comes from milk, so I’m not sure what your problem is. You could try taking Designer with Aminogen, that seems to help some people, but since you’ve found proteins you can tolerate there’s really no need.

Mike, how about if I avoid designer altogether. I’ve read about this before. Many people, even those with very strong stomachs, haven’t been able to handle cheap whey. Maybe designer went back to a more expensive grade, but ever since they dropped the price down to $30 from $40, I’ve had problems with their product.