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Designer Bars

I tried the Peanut butter Designer today, and it’s yummy-licious. Moist, and pleasant tasting! My question is it pretty much has the same label specifications as labrada, and pure protein. Now, I can’t believe thats true because this bar beats the hell out of them in terms of taste and moistness. I’m thinking they have to be adding either fat or glycerol past what it says on the label.

You are absolutely right, beverly international released a lab assay showing significantly higher glycerine levels than indicated, and since the stuff yeilds 4.62 cal/gram you “butter” believe that its gonna taste good

Yes Edge, you are right, they are yummy licious!

Yeah, they also got soy protien in 'em. Sorry to end the fun.

Me again,
Hey just because they are higher calorie doesnt make them all that bad, I love the taste, and if it keeps me more full, and away from the doughnuts i’ll still stuff 'em down my throat when i need a good tasting snack. look at the taste-alternative, Reeses cups are hardly as benificial to your muscular growth.