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Designer Athletes Template Critique


hey guys just wondering what you think of my designer athletes template

Squats: 7x4
Good Mornings: 4x6
Lunges: 4x6
Dumbbell RDL: 4x6
Calf Raise: 3x12

Bench: 7x4
Bent Row: 4x6
Military Press: 4x6
CGBP incline: 4x6
Shrugs: 4x6
Preacher: 3x6

Deadlift: 7x4
SLDL: 4x6
Lunges: 4x6
Dumbbell RDL:4x6
Calf Raise: 3x12

Pullup: 7x4
Decline: 4x6
DB rows: 4x6
Dips: 4x6
Forearms: 3x8
External Rotation: 3x8

any modifications i should make??


Your rep numbers are nearly all in the same range, therefore the same type of muscle fibres are being stimulated, not sure if you want this or not.

Also, this is a shitload of sets.

If this is really for athletes, they're gonna have a lot more training going on than just gym. Therefore I'd get rid of about 30% of your volume.


i stuck within the set rep ranges except for the first lift of every day? and i only put the excercises the article tells you to? so is the article wrong?




I don't know if it's wrong, that's a big call to make and I haven't read the article.

But looking at your workout, I think it's a lot of work and I wouldn't put my athletes through anything resembling that workout. For starters, they're athletes, not bodybuilders so why the split body routine?

But hey, that's just an opinion. You'll find for yourself whether it's effective or not.


he says its an off season workout


lol ino its not the point of the topic but could you write me up a program 3 or 4 days split or fullbody if its ok with u
i weigh 65kg
80kg bench
80kg squat
120kg deadlift
lookin to gain strength n size


This is one I had lying around. The formatting might be stuffed up a little because I've copied it straight from exel. Somewhere in there will be the amount of sets, rep range and rest periods.

Your eating habits are the major component of gaining size.

Workouts to be performed 2 -4 times per week.
Records all efforts and aim to beat previous effort by at least 2 reps every time workout is performed.
Lower weights slowly and under control with a count of 3.
Program assumes trainee has no major imbalances. Trainee with severely hunched shoulders or who experience back pain should consider another program.

Workout 1
Sets Reps Rest
Squats 2 10-15 2mins
Bench Press 2 6-15 none
(alternating w/)
Seated Row 2 6-15 1min
Leg Press 2 6-12 2mins
Bicep Curl 1 6-10 none
(alt w/)
Tricep ext 1 6-10 none
Reverse Curl 1 10-15 none
(alt w/)
Overhead Tricep ext 1 10-15

Workout 2
Sets Reps Rest
Lunges 2 15-20 2mins
Shoulder Press 2 6-15 none
(alternating w/)
Pull Ups 2 * 1min
Leg Press 2 6-12 2min
Lower/oblique Ab Exercise
2 5-20 none
Upper Ab Exercise
2 5-20 2min


k thanx also what does the * stand for next to pullups maximum?


No offense but this template is not close to the same animal as Designer Athletes.


It means as many as possible.


Spunkay -

First off, you are doing too many sets on your first exercise (or you have your numbers switched!) 7x4 is definitely not what should be done in an off-season routine.

Second, I would generally keep the reps higher and the sets lower. The goal of this program isn't necessarily getting super strong, but giving you a base on which to develop super strength! Higher reps will also help develop connective tissue, something that must be addressed if you want to stay injury free.

With a few minor adjustments I think you should be fine. Good luck!

Stay strong



Mike could you please rearrange it for me? without changin the exercises too much either.. no fancy stuff not a really good gym i go to