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Designer Athletes- Mike Robertson


I was thinking of starting this program, Do you think it has to much volume for a 16 year old with 4 years training exprience? Also can someone explain the Scapular Wall Slides, Prone Lower Trap Raises, and Prone Cobras.

Thanks for any help

Designer Athletes- www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=487636


I forgot to add that I'am not going to be doing any other activity except for skiing 5-10 hours on the weekends.


Designer Athletes is obviously a great program to use. Only you can determine if it is too much volume- everybody has a different work capacity. One of the best signs of overtraining is the inability to go to sleep. A good workout during the day should wear you out and help you go right too sleep. If you are overtraining it will be the opposite- you will be very tired but unable to go to sleep.

Scapular wall slides are pictured in the article. There is a picture of prone cobras in an article somewhere on here. Use the search function. I find often those types of activation drills just require a little practice. If you have a more specific quesiton on how to perform a movement ask Mike in the "Author's Locker Room."