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Designed Routine

Day 1- Clusters (unless otherwise noted)

   Military Press
   Barbell Row
   Snatch-Grip Deadlift
   RE Chins (25-40 per workout)
   Weighted Abs
   Step Ups (3 x 6-8)
   4 x 10 BW Reverse Hypers

Day 2- Clusters (unless otherwise noted)

  DB Bench Press
   Front Squat
   DB Arc Row

   Weighted Abs
   Post. Chain (3 x 6-8)

Day 3- Power

  Power Clean Cluster
  8 x 2 Snatch- 1 Minute RI
  Speed Rowing
  Speed Push Press
  RE Chins
  Weighted Abs

if you can cluster all that equipment together like that I’d LOVE to see where you train.

Um, it looks like your workout can potentially go upwards to 2 hours. Not necessarily a bad thing. At the 1 hour mark though I would take 15min break, drink a protein shake w/ some dextrose in it. Then get back to work.

Otherwise looks really solid, but if it does go past 45-60min…I hope you’re slow twitch dominant or have the work capacity of an Ox.

Give some more information on your set/rep/weight protocal.

I have pretty good work capacity (recently returned from 12 days of intense wrestling) and usually consume quite a bit of Gatorade as my workout goes on if I need an extra boost. My only equipment is a barbell, two adjustable dumbells, a bench, and a chin-up bar.

How do you split that up? days 1-3, then rest? Also, whats your grappling schedule look like?

I must be misunderstanding how your clustering these together.

""Military Press
Barbell Row
Snatch-Grip Deadlift “”

Sounds like you would need 3 diff barbells to me.

But ya it looks solid, workouts might be a little long. But there’s nothing wrong with taking it a little farther than usual.

You have the work capacity, go for it!

By clusters I mean doing 2 reps, resting 10 seconds, 2 more reps, and doing that for a total of ten reps per set for 3-5 sets. It’s done with a 5 RM, so its pretty sweet letting you get 50 reps with a 5 RM. I do one exercise then move on.

I do Day 1, rest one day, Day 2, rest 2 days (only the first day has conditioning), Day 3, rest one day and repeat. So its a 7 day cycle I believe. I’m not currently wrestling I just got back from an intense wrestling camp and am taking August off from actual wrestling and focusing on strength and conditioning.