Design a Program for a Beginner

[quote]flipcollar wrote:
In what sport is it a benefit for a 6’1 guy to weigh 145? I can’t think of any outside long distance running, or maybe some other track/field events.[/quote]
This kid is supposedly some kind of basketball prodigy, coaching athletes above his own level and walking on to a university team without ever playing high school ball.

But still, yeah, I wouldn’t call it a benefit to be frail.

[quote]a2_z wrote:
… I compete in sports that require that I stay lean[/quote]
No sport, outside of competitive bodybuilding, requires you to stay lean (and even then, it could be argued that it’s just about temporarily getting lean). Bodyfat may not be particularly useful or necessary, but there is totally such thing as being “too lean” in almost every sport. And certainly no sports, other than jockeying like Steez said or some weight class-specific sports, require you to be as underweight as you currently are and have been.

A “pretty good” basketball player who’s 6’1" and 140 pounds will be an even better basketball player when he’s 6’1" and 190 pounds, as long as he builds that increased strength and muscle intelligently with a good plan.