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Desiccated Liver?


Anyone had experience with this supplement? I'm considering it for both it's protien and amino acid profile and plus it has iron which is a plus for running events.



Start slow with it and build up - see if your body likes it. Buy good liver either Beverly Intl or NSP.


How about eating liver, one of the cheapest protein items around - 2 bucks a pound.

You're not going to get much protein by taking capsules or pills of anything. What, less than a gram of liver protein? LOL!


Be careful with this one as it is very high in iron. I take it as I am anemic so it boosts my iron levels. Men usually don't have the same kind of iron problems. Too much iron can be a problem.


Remember this is heme-iron (from animal products) not artificial.

Try this article: vincegironda-nsp.com/articles/totalmisinformation.pdf


Bev Intl products can be had for much less than on their site. Try Google shopping search, many have free shipping.


Only want to eat quality liver - Argentine some of the best out there due to their processes. From the store in your town it's probably a grain-fed, chemically laden animal, sorry to say...


And what's this going to do to me?