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Desert Training


Started training again after a long break due to an ankle reconstruction and work commitments.

Just finished stronglifts 5x5 and am about to move after testing my actual 1RM into an adaption of BBB.

Main lifts as they stand at the moment @ 84KG BW

Squat - 140KG (308 Lbs) 5x5
Deadlift - 170KG (374 Lbs) 1x5
Bench - 90KG (198 Lbs) 5x5
Overhead Press - 72.5KG (159 Lbs) 5x5

Interested in any feedback.


Righto. First entry… light cardio day with 1 RM testing tomorrow with Squat and Bench.

20 minutes running intervals 1 min sprint 1 min walk
12 minutes cross trainer hill intervals level 13
5 minutes on the rower to finish up. nice slow pace

Hoping to hit 160KG+(352 Lbs+) Squat and 100KG+(220 Lbs+) Bench.


1RM testing today

Squat, wide stance : barx10, 40KG x 5, 60 KG x 5, 80KG x 5,
100KG x 3, 120KG x 3, 140KG x 1, 160KG x 1, 170KG(374Lbs) x 1 (Belt only PR)

Bench : bar x 10, 40KG x 5, 60KG x 5, 80KG x 1, 90KG x 1, 100KG(220Lbs) x 1

and the assistance

Pendlay Row : 90KG 5 x 5
Dips : 10KG 3 x 5
3 Sec Pause Bench : 700KG 3 x 5

Happy with the Squat but bench still lags. Deadlift and Push Press 1RM testing on Saturday.


Light Cardio.

20 minutes of interval sprints 1 min run 1 min walk
12 minutes crosstrainer level 13
Foam roller

Back nice and tight after Pendlays and squats yesterday but its all good.

Ready for tomorrows 1RM testing then onto BBB


Back felt really stiff and sore today but I gave it a go

Worked upto a max Overhead Press of 85KGx1
Deadlift sucked balls. Back did not want to play the game so I had to cut it away Ill just work off my estimated max of 191KGx1

Close Grip Bench : 70KG 3x5
BB Curl : 40KG 2x8
Facepulls : 6 plates 3x10

no idea of plate weight on the machine

Will start BBB tomorrow. Fingers crossed my lower back is good to go by Deadlift day.


Back was still a bit twingy but I sucked it up and got on with it

A bit of background and stats first
Age - 35
Height - 5’9
Weight - 187 Lbs

Have been strength training on and off for the past 8 years however I had a 2 year break recovering from an ankle reconstruction and a generally busy life, re: wife, kids, work etc etc
I have competed in power lifting and some amateur strongman in the past and done pretty well.
My diet is pretty average at the moment looking a little like this:

eggs x 2
porridge with honey
hash brown
cup of tea

a massive serving of whatever protein and carbs are available

Protein shake

Protein, salad and either broccoli or brussel sprouts
no carbs

Before Sleep
Reflex One Stop Xtreme weight gain

I also take a multi vit and creatine

My meal selection cannot be changed or forecast as I pretty much eat what is available.

Right-o onto it. Started BBB for the first time. Found it pretty easy being day 1 week 1 however I will have to adjust to the higher rep and lower weights.

Overhead Press - warmup then 52.5KGx5, 60KGx5, 67.5KGx5
Flat Bench - 50KG 5x10
Chins - overgrasp 10, pronated 8, undergrasp 7, towel 4, overgrasp 5
BB Curls - 27KG 3x10
Dips - 10KG 3x10
Facepulls - 5plates 3x10

What are peoples thoughts on the chins. I can achieve 5x10 overgrasp however changing it up felt good. Should I stick with overgrasp or just break up the sets and make sure I achieve 10 reps of each style.



Sweet my back is starting to feel better and was able to conduct the deads and squats with minimal discomfort… well high rep squats still suck balls but meh.

Deadlift - warmup then 117.5KGx5, 135KGx5, 152.5KGx5
Squat - 80KG 5x10
Rope Crunches - the stack 5x10

I will ramp up the reps on the rope crunches to 20.



Cardio day

Walked up a big fu*king hill wearing the equivalent of a 25kg weight vest.

interval sprints 18 mins
crosstrainer 10 mins

buggered. Sipping on high carb protein shake as I write this. I will sleep well tonight.


Got up early. Took a dump and went to the gym to get an accurate weight. 84.7KG this is about where I thought I was which is good. Hopefully it maintains

Bench 5x65KG 5x75KG 5x85KG done all these with a 1-2sec pause at the chest
Overhead Press 5x10 40KG (these burned the shoulders)
Pendlay Rows 5x10 50KG
Dips 3x10 10KG
Hammer Curls 3x10 14KG DB
Face Pulls 3x10 5 plates

Pendlay rows felt too light but I know in the near future they are going to ramp right up so all good.


Squats, wide stance - warmup then 105KGx5, 120KGx5, 135KGx5
Deadlift - 90KG 5x10
Hanging leg raises - 5x10

grip was fried by the completion of this.

Week one down. 11 to go.
Already, as stated, Im not a fan of the high rep ranges. I will complete this and then give the Russian Bear a crack.




Interval sprints 22 mins
Stepper 20 floors


Overhead Press : 55KGx3, 65KGx3, 72.5KGx3
Bench : 50KG 5x10
Chins : overgrasp x10, neutral x10, undergrasp x10, towel x4 then 6 singles(these fucking sucked grip was gone), overgrasp x10
BB Curls: 36KG 3x10
Dips : 10KG 3x10
Face Pulls : 5 plates 3x10

Abs are pretty destroyed and have been the last few days, high rep deadlift and hanging leg raises have brutalized them.


Early morning session today. Felt weak as piss but still got everything done. Ill stick to my normal timings now.

Deadlift : 125KGx3, 145KGx3, 162.5KGx3
Squat : 80KG 5x10
Cable Crunches : the stack 5x20


Got a bit of a cold coming on but shit happens. Just gotta train through it

Bench : 70KGx5, 80KGx5, 90KGx5
Mil Press : 40KG 5x10
Pendlay Rows : 50KG 5x10
Dips: 10KG 3x10
Hammer Curls : 14KG 3x10
Facepulls : 5 plates 3x10

Started to adjust to the higher volume but light weights are feeling light. 2 more weeks and they will jump up so all good.


Colds gone… Killing it

Squat, wide stance : 112.5KGx3, 127.5KGx3, 145KGx3
1 1/2" deficit deadlift : 90KG 5x10
Leg Raises : 5x10


Overhead Press : 60KGx5, 67.5KGx3, 75KGx1
Bench : 50KG 5x10
Chin Ups : Mix of over, under and pronated grip for a total of 50 reps
BB Curls : 36KG 3x10
Dips : 10KG 3x10
Face Pulls : 5 plates 3x10


Deadlift : 135KGx5, 152.5KGx3, 170KGx1
Squat : 80KG 5x10
Cable Crunches : the stack plus 5KG tied with rope 5x20


Some light cardio yesterday 20 mins total


Bench : warmup then 75KGx5, 85KGx3, 95KGx1
Overhead Press : 40KG 5x10
Pendlay Rows : 50KG 5x10
BB Curls : 36KG 3x10
Dips : 10KG 3x10
Face Pulls : 5 plates 3x10

Looking forward to ramping up to 60% soon


Squat : 120KGx5, 135KGx3, 152.5KGx1
Deficit Deadlift : 90KG 5x10
Legraises : 5x10


Deload week.

Overhead Press : 50KG 3x5
Bench : 50KG 5x10
Pendlay ROws : 50KG 5x10
BB Curls : 36KG 3x10
Dips : 10KG 3x10
Face Pulls : 5 plates 3x10


Deadlift : 100KG 3x5
Squat: 80KG 5x10
Cable Crunch : stack+5KG 5x20