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Desert Island?


Which three religious/political/world issues (only three which ever way you would like) books would you take if you were going to be stuck on an island? And, why?


Island alone?

A whole lot of porn.

What good is religious text to me? I'm an atheist.

Why would I care about world issues? I'm alone.

Why would I care about politics? There is no government.


I'd just bring a lot of pot and go fishing.


How to Build a boat
How to survive on a desert island


If I were stuck on an island I would not care about any silly books about politics or religion.

I would take a big-ass knife...and maybe a field guide to edible plants.


See look, the Jew is the only one that got the question right. I could care less if you wanted to bring a speed boat, just asked which books you'd bring if you knew you'd be on a island by yourself for a few days.


Only a few days?

I wouldn't bring any books.

I can get by a few days just lounging around, thinking about stuff that interests me.


I already know how to build a boat. Just give me a copy of King Magazine with Masika Kalysha to keep me motivated and I'll get off the island...


Only a few days? Still porn.


Harry Potter


SAS Survival Handbook. I like to eat, drink and live.
Atlas Shrugged. If you don't get it I'm not going to explain.
The Holy Bible. Man does not live by bread along.

This was easy. All i had to do was glance at my nightstand.


hmm... dessert island.. [\Homer mode]

Aren't they called 'deserted islands' in english? -not that I'm an expert-

To such an isle, I'd take just enough paper and ink to write various farewells to my beloved ones.
Most of these aren't particularly supportive for stranded people and I cannot imagine myself idly reading while gaping at the horizon, throat like a cactus.

If the scenario granted a romantic island, water-rich, populated with dumb, tasty dodos and coccnut groves, then - yes, give me two survival books (MATA DEAODO - the art of strangling extinct, flightless birds; DOODOO - how to make fire from all kinds of mythical dung) and the biggest, heaviest, most ridiculously illustrated bible, Jehovah's Witnesses edition.

I hear toilet paper is damn near impossible to obtain on remote islands.


A book written by a well known atheist and the bible?

At least you have both options covered.