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Desert Island Disc

Suppose you were stuck alone on a desert island for the rest of your life (stay with me here)…You can only have one cd to play. What do you choose?

-My cd would be AC/DC “Back in Black”

-What would your choice be (Michael Jackson selections NOT allowed :~) )???

Pink Floyd “The Wall”

Easy. The greatest compilation of music known to human-kind: JAMES TAYLOR LIVE (2 DISC GREATEST HITS). I have went through this album 3 times in (wore it out) 10 years. I’ve also seen him live a couple of times, one night simply being the best night of my life (front row!!). Unless you’ve heard him live, you have no idea of what I’m describing. A close runner-up however: the latest Stevie Wonder 4 cd compilation. He’s the greatest musical mind of our generation.

Fully Completey, by the Tragically hip. I am looking for some Caucks to back me up on this one. They are my favourite bvand and I have seen them 7 times. Worth a listen if you have Kazza or anything like that and a few minutes to download.

:slight_smile: Groove

 Good choice, any of you americans unfamiliar with the "tragically hip" should take the grooveman's advice and download a few of their songs. They are one of Canada's best kept secrets. I gotta go with poohbaya on this though. I've got about 300 cd's and JAMES TAYLOR LIVE has probably been played more on my cd player than any other cd over many, many years.

Billy Joel - The Ultimate Collection - Yeah I’m alot older than you…LOL

Another worthy mention: Michael Card, Joy In The Journey. To label this man’s music “contemporary christian” is a disgrace. He’s actually a biblical scholar and theologian who writes deep, lifechanging lyrics. If’s theres any Christian music fan’s on the board, this guy is the pinnacle. And a super nice guy as well (met him at a concert last year).

The White Album.

I’d say the Beastie Boys Anthology. That would keep me entertained for weeks.

Either that CD from the comedian who wrote “If I Were Gay” or Pink Floyd’s The Wall.

Rush, either Moving Pictures or Hold Your Fire. Tough to decide which …

Slipknot’s Iowa

 Michael Jackson.

Bob Marley–Legend(C’mon guys you’ll be on an island, what better music is there for that?)

Disintegration by The Cure. Intense emotion and vocals. Songs of joy and sadness.

Well, since I’d be stuck on some island for the rest of my life, I figure I’d be pretty pissed off in general, so something heavy, yet musical to keep my interest (and replay value).

Master of Puppets (Metallica) I guess.

I would think Jimmy Buffett-Songs You Know By Heart would be a good one if you’re on an island. But I’d probably go with Tool-Aenima.

A session co-lead by Cannonball Adderley and Milt Jackson called “Things are Getting Better”. Man, what a tight recording.

I am on a desert island. It would be a collection of Frank Sinatra, Tony Benett, Sammy Davis Jr., Mp3…

DJ Shadow–Endtroducing