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Hi all,
I’ve been reading and reading and reading this site. I am just getting back to the gym after a 2+ year hiatus for ahost of reasons. I am finally getting into some semblance of “in shape” enough to give the Meltdown Training (lactic acid interval training) from the article here by Don Alessi. I’m stuck at 140-145 which is still a bit flabby at 5’1", I’m hoping this will be the kick to get me to a lean mean 125 again.

My question, I used to know most all the lifts before I disappeared from life two years ago, but when I read the list in the article I draw a blank on some of the exercises. Is there a spot around here that I missed or a good link to another site w/descriptions or pics?

This is good because they have videos of the lifts plus pictures and descriptions. http://www.bsu.edu/webapps/strengthlab/index.asp