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Describe your perfect world

If I could change the world… That would kick ass. Here are my perfect world suggestions.

COED shower room everywhere… Yeh baby! Walk around naked and watch some naked chicks.

Mandatory gym classes in school/college/university. IN order to pass you must be in top physical shape as well as academic.

Mandatory PORN education classes, watch and study porn. In order to pass final exam you must make a porn video.

How about the right for every guy to ask a girl to take off her clothes…

Yeh… If world went under my rules, it would rock!

Damn, there is a lot I would change. Let’s see. No weapons of mass destruction, no guns. Schools would focus less on education and more on educating. Anybody in a job they hate, or not doing what they love, would be forced to quit and dedicate the rest of their lives to doing what they love.

Hmm, there is a ton more, but I am not gonna spend all day writing this.

I’m guessing you’re young. The novelty would wear off in a week. If you ate your favorite meal every meal for a week I’d put money on you not touching it for another 3 months after that. And I’ve got two words for you…FAT PEOPLE!


porn… the gift that keeps on giving… lets all give it up for porn…



etc etc…

Move to Europe/Asia where nudity is no big deal, and you’ll be living in almost your perfect world! What would I consider a perfect world? Oh boy, let’s not get started on that one, as I could be here for days!

My world would be if a girls says she wants to be your friend, it really means she wants to be your fuck-buddy.